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Best Ways to Resolve 9anime Server Error In Windows?

What Exactly Is 9anime?

9anime is an outstanding streaming service that allows you to watch high-good-quality online anime that has been dubbed in English. You will not be charged anything to watch your favourite anime on this website. You can think of this website as an anime pirate website.


It has been on the market for a long time and can be found via mobile applications, FireStick, Kodi, and the web. You can watch practically all of the latest movies and even download the episodes directly. If you are a anime lover then you should check this demon slayer pfp.

This site is famous all over the world for these reasons.

What are the reasons for “Server Error, Please Try Again” in 9anime?

Server Error, Please Try Again

When watching anime on anime, you may face troubles such as “Server Error, please try again.”

Why are you receiving this error? Here are a few plausible explanations:

1. The adblocker has blocked 9anime.

Perhaps you have an ad blocker installed to block the annoying commercials that appear when you watch online movies. However, it may treat the anime on 9 anime as advertisements and subsequently stop them unexpectedly. You might try removing the ad blocker to rule out this element.

2. The 9anime servers are currently unavailable.

When something is wrong with the 9anime servers, you can’t view anime on 9 anime, and one representation is a 9anime Server error. Please try again. If this is the case, you must wait until the problem has been resolved and the servers have returned to regular operation.

3. The data in your web browser is corrupted or out of date.

This is a principal reason as well. To resolve this issue, erase your cookies and cache.

Using these likely causes as a guide, we compiled a list of solutions to the problem, which we will present in the following section. However, before attempting these options, ensure that your computer has an active internet connection. An open internet connection in this context means that you must disable all firewalls and restrictions on your machine.

How to Resolve 9anime Server Error?

Solution 1: Uninstall the ad blocker.

An ad blocker can provide you with some benefits. However, it can also negatively impact, such as 9anime not operating due to a 9anime server fault. If you can’t stand these harmful effects, you should uninstall the ad blocker from your web browser.

To uninstall the ad blocker from Chrome, do the following:

  • Launch your web browser.
  • The adblocker extension is visible in the upper-right corner. Then, to proceed, you must right-click on it.
  • Remove from Chrome is the option.

Finally, you must restart Chrome to see if the 9anime Server problem; please try again has vanished.

If the problem persists, you can try the following procedure.

Solution 2: Delete all cookies and cache from your browser.

The best way to remove damaged browser data is to clear the web browser’s cookies and cache. Here’s a starting point:

  • Step 1. Launch a web browser.
  • Step 2. Select More tools > Clear browsing data from the three-dot menu.
    Clear browsing data
  • Step 3. Examine Cookies and other site data, as well as Cached images and files.
    Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files
  • Step 4. Select the Clear data option.

Finally, you can restart the web browser and try to use 9 anime again to see if the 9 anime Server problem; please try again disappears.

Solution 3: Check the 9anime Server Status and Wait

You will not be able to use 9 anime as usual if the servers are down or need to be repaired. In general, maintenance information can be found in the relevant forums. If this is the exact cause of the 9anime problem, you can do nothing to remedy it because it is a 9anime problem in and of itself. You can only wait until the issue is automatically resolved.

In conclusion

After reading this guide, you should understand what 9anime is and how to fix 9anime when it is down using several ways.

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