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Video Marketing

What is Video Marketing and Why is it Important for Small Businesses?

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but about the stories you tell.” Seth Godin

And the best way to tell your brand story is through videos. It provides a wider canvas to represent your ideas in a much better way. Video marketing provides a defined personality for your business and communicates with consumers looking for solutions rather than forcing them.

If you think video marketing is only for deep-pocket business persons, we must tell you that video marketing is highly cost-efficient and gives value for every rupee spent with the best ROI among all the marketing tactics.

Some facts for supporting the dialogue:

  • More than 81 percent of marketers believe video marketing has boosted their sales directly
  • 93 percent of businesses experienced increased brand awareness
  • 96 percent of people watch explainer videos before making purchases online
  • People spend around 19 hours a week watching videos 

(Source: Wyzowl)

We hope with data and wise words from Seth Godin, you must have an idea about the significance of video marketing for your small business. We will go further with defining video marketing and pointers explaining the importance of your business growth and brand positioning.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is an umbrella term for promoting your business through several types of videos through multiple channels such as websites, social media, and video streaming platforms (YouTube).

Examples of videos for video marketing:

  • Sponsored Video for Brand Promotion
  • Video Ads for TV, OTT, and others
  • Live Videos
  • Pre, Mid and Post Video Advertisement on a Video on social media and YouTube

And many more.

Importance of Video Marketing for Small Business

Introduces Business Better

Use videos on the landing page for brand introduction, crucial information, and process to use your services or products. You can do a lot more in much less time required from visitors. 

Conversions and traffic can grow up to 80 percent if you add quality and relevant video on your business landing page. We must mention here, that small business can use video editor tools for professional-looking videos to promote business.


Cost is one of the crucial factors, especially for small businesses and start-ups. For them, video marketing provides a highly cost-efficient solution.

You can shoot full-length short films on modern advanced smartphones. You do not have to buy expensive types of equipment to shoot a film. If smartphones can make YouTube stars, they can certainly kickstart your business, try with your device now.

Shoot a video, use video editing tools, and create your self-made promotional videos for business.

Target New Audience Segment

Videos provide the highest retention and recall among viewers compare to texts and audio. It has the best CTA appeal, and more than 85 percent of people visit your website after watching business videos on YouTube or Social Media channels.

It means you can target a new customer base with better chances of high traffic, retention, and conversion.

Standing Tall from the Crowd

More than five billion videos are watched on YouTube in a day, and millions of videos stream daily on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

Therefore, only video is not sufficient for effective video marketing for your business. It is a highly saturated market, and you need a top-quality video with high-quality content to stay ahead of the crowd.

Use video editing software to enhance colour and texture, apply in-built templates, optimize content, etc. and make a video that connects with your target audience.

The right strategy for video marketing will surely take your small business towards newer heights.

Video Marketing for SEO

Irrespective of business size, you can not ignore netizens for a brighter future and intended growth. To target online viewers, you need to rank your business page higher on SERP.

As Google displays video results more and more these days according to the keywords people type in the search box, Video SEO has gained prominence,

It means an optimized and high-quality video can boost your SEO performance, improve website traffic, watch time, and higher conversions.

Engaging and Multi-sensory Experience

Videos are more engaging than texts, audio and other modes of communication. Research says, our brain can process visuals much faster than texts. Human brains are customized to receive and interpret visuals in a very efficient manner.

It means a higher engagement for your business with better recall and retention.

Brings out Humane Aspect of Your Business

Videos provide a human face to your business. People do not want to interact with robots and receive a mechanized response only to get irritated. Your customers can hear and watch you. They can interact directly through a chatbox.

It improves UX and provides better results for your business.

Other Importance

  • Strong social media presence with a high-quality video marketing strategy
  • A pool of loyal customers, mouth publicity and sales

You must have been thrilled about creating a video marketing strategy to encash multiple benefits of the same for your small business. However, before jumping into shooting a video and editing it, consider the following questions for comprehensive and accurate planning.

  • Who will watch your videos?
  • Where are they watching these videos? (devices)
  • When are they watching?
  • Why are they watching?

Concluding Remarks

Video marketing is a powerful marketing strategy for your small businesses. It boosts conversions, helps in reaching new markets & customers, and keeps you ahead of the competitors. You can build your brand, position, and recall much better with high-quality video content.

However, for an extensive reach and appeal, you must share your videos across multiple channels including social media, website, YouTube, etc. Higher views mean more likes, shares, and subscriptions. And do not forget to analyze results and improve the video marketing campaign wherever required. Google, YouTube, and Facebook have tools to analyze and display reports for easy access and interpretation.

Good luck with your business and video marketing campaign.


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