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Want To Know About Best Free MMORPGs? Here Is Our List For You To Choose

Are you aware of MMORPGs? If you are then it is well and good, if you are not, then it is okay and gives me a chance to explain. MMORPG also known as Massively multiplayer online role-playing games, is a genre of video games that permits players to travel vastly in the digital or virtual worlds in a customizable way. MMORPG also allows players to interact with several other players with whom they can take down baddies in PvE modes.

Now, there are plenty of amazing MMORPGs that you can play, however, in case you have never tried them before. In this article, we have come up with the 10 best MMORPGs games that you need to try, which are free in nature.  Hence, in case you have been looking to try an MMORPG and do not know which one to start with, here is our list which can help you out.

Here is the list of best free MMORPGs games that you need to try:

1. World of Warcraft:

Let me tell you World of Warcraft is not a free MMORPG? What are you thinking, why is it on the list? Well, I know this game is not free to play in its entirety, however, you can definitely play the first 20 levels for free, and trust me when we talk about World of Warcraft, you will feel lucky to play 20 levels and you will feel amazing. This is the reason why we have World of Warcraft on our list.

World of Warcraft

For those of you who are not acquainted with World of Warcraft, it is a game that is inseparable from the MMORPG genre and offers players a huge, always-growing universe, loaded with content that you can explore. The game permits you to experience all components of an ideal MMORPG, including character customization, a persevering open world, a charming storyline, and massive strikes. On the off chance that you have not played World of Warcraft previously, I would recommend you get on it as soon as possible. This game is not one worth missing.

2. Guild Wars 2:

Here comes Guild Wars 2 in our list. This game is another free MMORPG, and you can definitely start your MMORPG journey with it. Guild Wars 2 offers you a unique storyline that evolves depending on the choices you make in the game. You know what, this is something that you will not find in most other games in the genre. Guild Wars 2 games consist of all the necessary features that you’d find in other MMORPGs, like character customization, an expansive crafting system, along with some great PvP and PvP elements. Sounds

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Set in the dreamland of Tyria, the game offers players a massive diligent world which they can explore with their forlorn or two or three of their companions or friends. Alongside that, Guild Wars 2 additionally has a few diverse instanced conditions that are vital to the primary storyline. Contrasted with World of Warcraft, which may appear to be a grind at times and again, levelling up in Guild Wars 2 is considerably more fun on account of the dynamic action-based mechanic. Let me tell you, this game is a must-have for anyone who does not like the monotony of levelling up in other MMORPGs.

3. Star Wars: The Old Republic:

Are you a Star Wars fan? Yes, oh then you should give Star Wars: The Old Republic a shot, and trust me you will not regret it. Want to know on which world this game is based? Well, let me tell you that this game is based in the expansive Star Wars universe, which offers the players a different puzzle-like combat mechanism that makes it different from other MMORPGs.

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If you are familiar with Guild Wars 2, then you will like to know that like Guild Wars 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic also gives players a choice-driven progression. Apart from that, it also offers a social gameplay factor that will serve to bring players together in the virtual world. In this game, players will get the chance to explore the game as a single-player quest in its entirety. This is an ideal option for players who do not want to depend on other players to move forward in-game. This thing overcomes an issue that most new MMO players experience as they are not able to fulfil certain quests, raids without the help of other players playing along with them.

4. Phantasy Star Online 2:

Even though it required eight long years of time for Phantasy Star Online 2 developers – Sega to bring the game outside Japan, it is anything but a game worth considering, particularly in case you are somebody who likes anime. In the game, you are part of an important team called ARKS and you will have to shield or protect the universe from enemies.

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There are nine classes – Hunter, Ranger, Force, Braver, Bouncer, Summoner, Fighter, Gunner, Techter, and eighteen unique weapons in PSO2. Fast-paced missions and battles should keep you occupied in the game. You can play PSO2 for free on Windows and Xbox. It additionally offers discretionary paid DLC if you need to access more pieces of the game.

5. Star Conflict:

In case you like to explore space, then you have to, I repeat you have to try out Star Conflict. This game is a free MMORPG that provides players in the role of an elite space pilot while on the mission to find and navigate alien treasures dispersed throughout its expansive universe. Let me tell you one thing, in Star Conflict, your main goal is to find and gather a variety of different space ships, which can vary from swift fighters to massive ones akin to floating satellites.

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The game’s PvE mission line takes you on a wide range of journeys and raids, in which you need to fight or face outsider groups or space pirates, while PvP stays a consistent danger while you are drifting around in your spaceship in the vast emptiness of outer space. The game likewise offers a wide range of customizations that are coordinated in a tech tree and incorporates a list of weapon types or boat modules that you can use to upgrade your spaceship. Another incredible thing about Star Conflict is that it accompanies Oculus Rift support, permitting players to experience the game in VR.

6. DC Universe Online:

Are you a fan of the DC universe? I am pretty sure that you are as most people are. So I get it you are a DC fan, now you have to try the DC Universe Online game. This free MMORPG game permits you to make your own superhero, with custom abilities. Isn’t it amazing? Well, here are the other amazing features. After making your own superhero, you play along with other legendary heroes from the DC multiverse, like Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman.

best free mmorpg games

The game also features an extraordinary and unique tab-targeting system for combat that separates it from other games on our list and plays an important role in making the game more user-friendly. Besides, DC Universe Online has an engaging storyline, cool collectable stuff, and levelling options that permit players the opportunity to pick how they need to move forward in-game.

7. Lord of the Rings Online:

There are a lot of people who love to play medieval fantasy games and JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings Universe. If you are one of them, you need to try out the Lord of the Rings Online.

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This MMORPG game is based on the impeccably detailed LOTR universe. You know what, when it comes to the gameplay, Lord of the Rings Online is much like any other MMORPG on this list, save for one little special case. In LOTR Online, all characters in the game are on a similar side, which means there are not any enormous scope of PvP opportunities. All things considered, the game offers a Monster Play mode in which players can make a monster at level ten and fight different parts in the Ettenmoor region.

8. Blade and Soul:

The Blade and Soul separate itself from other games which are mentioned in our list as it offers unique combat mechanics to players. Do you know what makes this game stand out? It’s an amazing martial arts approach to combat challenges that you will face from your opponent. Playing this game will require players to stay on their toes at all times, blocking, countering, and executing combo chains to defeat the enemies.

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The game also provides the players with four unique races and ten classes to choose from, which will help players to customize their character as per the player’s playstyle.

This amazing game comes with a variety of PvE dungeons that need you to team up with other players to destroy bosses. Sounds cool?

9. Eve Online:

If you want to explore space virtually, then Eve Online is another great MMORPG that will give you an amazing experience. Eve Online game is totally based in a future age space setting, which allows players to pick from four different races and make their characters from the ground up, courtesy goes to the game’s in-depth body and head sculpting character creator.

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There is one catch with this game which can be a drawback, that Eve Online is quite slow and with this game, you will need to dedicate a lot of time in the first place to achieve the intense action in the later stages. This may turn off several players who are acclimated to games that offer instant gratification. You know what, the mining and crafting in the game are slow processes, so unless you are ready to invest a lot of time in a single game, I think you should stay away. However, in case you will be able to stick around, trust me this game will reward you with some epic space battles that are worth your time and give you an amazing experience.

10. Neverwinter:

You know what, lovers of Dungeons and Dragons, the original role-playing board game that set the scene for modern MMORPGs, is the motivation for Neverwinter, a game situated in the anecdotal Forgotten Realms city of Neverwinter. Similar to other MMORPGs, the game permits players to browse one of eight distinctive character classes, with the gameplay dependent on a changed adaptation of the fourth version rules set for D&D.

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Neverwinter’s Foundry includes its most special aspect, permitting players to make their own custom stories and missions in the game. Apart from that, this game has a drawback which is that the game does not have any zones with an enormous number of people playing together, which does not unite players as regularly as other MMOs. While this may put off certain players, it may likewise appeal to players who despise this part of other MMORPGs.

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