Current Date:June 1, 2023 – How to activate Univision on Roku, Fire TV, Hulu, Smart TV?

Got the vigour of the Spanish Bull down in your veins, but unable to enjoy a thrilling Spanish experience over your screen?

If you find, searching specific Spanish titles in numerous different apps, & still can’t find anything enticing? If you nodded in agreement, then yes –Mi querido amigo, this article is just the thing for you!

Univision is an American Spanish Language television network, and not just any network, it is, by far, the largest Spanish language television network in America. For all my amigos out there, Univision can be your one-stop solution where you all can find news, entertainment, sports, etc. all in your native language.

The following article is the most comprehensive account of this marvelous app. Scroll down through this article, which will act as a hand holding guide – in setting up Univision App on various devices. As the Spaniards say – Empecemos

Activate Univision TV Using –

Adhere to the following directions to activate UNIVISION TV:-

  • Engage in any type of genre- be it comedy, movies, sports, etc. Univision has it all!
  • Univision is the eye candy of every home in the United States.
  • Almost every trending devices/platform supports , Univision – Apple TV, XboxOne, Samsung, Chromecast, PlayStation, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku etc,
  • Univision can be streamed live from any place with the support of high-speed internet and any one of the above-mentioned devices.

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1. Setting up Univision On Roku

    • Smash, the “HOME” button on your Roku remote.
    • Scroll down to select, ’Channel Store’, and locate the ‘Search Bar’.
    • Type in ‘UNIVISION’ & initiate the search.
    • Select the search result & then press ‘OK’.
    • Hit the ‘Add Channel’, button to install the application.
    • Now, open the app.
    • Follow the instructions on the dialogue box to initiate the setup.
    • Click on ‘Settings’ and select ‘Sign In’.
    • You will receive a 6 digit activation code.
    • Now open, ‘’ on any other device.
    • Punch in the activation code.
    • Select your TV provider.
    • Tap on the ‘Continue” button to redirect to the TV provider login page.
    • Feed-in your Username & password for the TV provider.
    • Congratulations! Now you have Univision up & running on your Roku device.

2. Setting up Univision on Amazon

    • Come onto your FireTV home screen by pressing the ‘Home’ button on your remote controller.
    • Locate the search bar and initiate a search for ‘Univision’.
    • Select the application from the search results to install.
    • After, installing the app, select to launch it in your device.
    • Sign in your credentials for logging in.
    • A 6-digit code will be sent to you. Now, open up any browser and surf to –‘’.
    • Punch in the 6 digit code and opt for your TV provider.
    • Tap onto the ‘Continue’ button.
    • You will now be able to log in to your TV provider account.
    • Feed your credentials like – ‘Username’ & ‘Password’.
    • Here you have it! Enjoy limitless Hispanic content over your Amazon Fire Tv on your command!

3. Univision on Apple TV

    • Open up ‘App Store’ on your Apple TV.
    • Click on the search option and look for – ‘Univision’.
    • Find the app from the search results and initiate its download.
    • Launch the app after the completion of its download, and sign into it.
    • Now, you must have gotten a ping, a 6 digit activation code in that.
    • On a device of your choice, open up the browser and enter the link – ‘’.
    • Punch in the Activation Code.
    • Nextly, select your TV service provider & click on the ‘Continue’ button.
    • Now, the TV provider login page will appear right over your screen.
    • Enter in your password and username to complete the set up process,
    • Voila! Stream your favourite genre, on Univision over your Apple TV.

4. Univision On Android TV

    • On the home screen of your Android TV, look for ‘Google Play Store’.
    • In the search bar of the Google Play Store – type ‘Univision’ app.
    • Select the app from the search results and go on to install it.
    • In the app, continue to sign in option.
    • Browse –
    • A 6 digit activation code will be sent to you and all you have to do is to feed it in.
    • Opt for your TV service provider.
    • Following the progression – the TV service provider login page will appear. Fill in your details like ‘Username’ & ‘Password’.
    • Sí- now my Spaniards, can enjoy your favourite content seamlessly on your Android TV.

5. Univision On Chrome cast.

    • Bring your Chrome cast to power, after installing the plug-in.
    • Download the “Google Home App’.
    • Connect your device to the same Wifi, with which your Chrome cast is connected!
    • Open up your Google home page.
    • Now, your Google home screen will show you Chrome cast as a new device.
    • Open the app from your device.
    • Opt for the content with a lock sign.
    • Feed-in your TV service provider.
    • Directly, reach to the login page for the TV provider.
    • Feed-in your ‘Username’ & ‘Password’.
    • Now, you can access Univision content via Chromecast.

6. Univision On PS4

    • Launch PlayStation Store on your PlayStation 4.
    • Initiate a search by typing the keyword ‘Univision’ in the search box.
    • On completion of it’s, download, launch the ‘Univision’
    • Opt to log in.
    • Activate your account by revisiting the steps mentioned above.
    • Feed-In your details for the TV service provider.

7. Univision on Xbox 360

    • Via the dashboard, open up the app store on your Xbox 360.
    • Under the apps section, scroll down to locate ‘Univision’.
    • Initiate its installation process, and after its completion open it up.
    • On starting up of Univision app, continue to activate your account.
    • Enter in your details for TV service provider.

8. Univision on Samsung Smart TV

    • On the home screen of your Samsung TV, click on ‘Apps’,
    • Search for ’Univision’ in the search box.
    • Select Univision from the search results.
    • Launch Univision apps.
    • Continue to sign in.
    • After activating your account, follow the steps offered above.
    • Once your activation is done, punch in your credentials from the TV service provider.

Have some doubts? No, problem! Let me do the hand holding for you & blow away the air of doubt over some of the most common apprehensions people have. Scroll down to my FAQ SECTION for all your doubt resolutions! So as Spaniards say it – Entonces vamos!

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Have a non-functional Univision Code?

Simply scroll down to the steps offered below to resolve this minor tech glitch!

  • Start by uninstalling the app and re-install it after a few minutes. By doing this you will be given a new activation code to proceed with.
  • Note this new activation code properly so that you can feed it in, when required, correctly!
  • Once you are fully sure, that you have punched in the correct code, continue!
  • In case of any further grievance, feel free to connect with the technical team via email –

1. Heard of Univision for free?

    • Your favorite Univision does offer a free run, but one can always get access to the Univision service at
    • Download the app in your device and launch it by using a regular TV service subscription.
    • One can always, subscribe to the ‘Univision NOW’ app if one doesn’t have any TV service provider.

2. UNIVISION NOW – is it free? Like Really?

    • It is not free, not really, you have to pay a monthly tariff to subscribe to their service.
    • Premium clients have access to every Univision content. So they can consume anything and everything!
    • This monthly tariff allows you to stream UniMas Live or On Demand.
    • Univision NOW provides universal access without any subscription.
    • Service tariffs cost about $10.99 per month or $118.99 per year.

3. Is Univision available on Hulu?

    • Hulu ( if interested do check out – does not offer Univision.
    • You mandatorily have to download Univision App from the app store on your device to stream its content.
    • Power on your smartphone, laptop, or desktop and visit to stream your favourite Hispanic content.

4. List Of Compatible Devices for Univision

Out of many, a small list of compatible devices is given below. These devices aid you to consume your favourite Spanish titles.


  • Tablets and phones running on Android or iOS.
  • Roku
  • Fire TV
  • Android TV
  • Chromecast
  • Apple TV
  • Desktops

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Top Univision Shows

Almost every title which is on this wonderful platform is the epitome of perfect Spanish cinematography! But some of the most viewed titles include-

  • Rubi
  • Destilando Amor
  • El Chavo del Ocho
  • Maya & Miguel
  • Eva Luna
  • En nombre del amor
  • What the Saying Is
  • Univision Live can be streamed from any device


The above article entails all there is or there can be – about the app called Univision. There can be a plethora of praises and appreciations which can be made about Univision. But to consolidate it all – it can be easily said this Platform enjoys a great repute in providing engaging, entertaining & enthralling titles which target the Spanish audience at best.

Right from the beginning, Univision provides an immersive experience & just to estimate its reach to the Hispanic community – you can clearly scroll up to see the list of devices, systems, modes and platforms which support Univision. This article is written for the sole purpose to reach the maximum Hispanic population, show them some light on how to set up Univision on various devices/systems and talking about something about its tariff plans and free universal services. In the end, now that you have closely got yourself acquainted with Univision, all that I am left is to say – disfrutar de mis amigos!


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