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The 7 Best Google Cloud Print Alternatives

The news suggests that Google Cloud Print will be shut down after January 2021. It can be a shock for some serious users but there are some alternatives that will give you the best experience of cloud printing. It doesn’t matter if you connect the printer across the offices, track and manage print jobs, printing budgets, and much more stuff, these alternatives will help you to carry your work.

There’s no doubt that Google Print is the most popular and used all over the world, but now it is shutting down and joining the list of the killed services by Google over the years. Yes, there are many more services that google killed over the years, which offer the same kind of features. With this, you can connect the printer via the internet and to other devices by setting up them with the Wi-Fi network.

The services are offered according to the prices and the memberships. And that’s the case with the alternatives too, their features also depend on the price structure. But this article will help you to get the best alternatives to Google Cloud Printing. Let’s look at the alternatives:

PaperCut Mobility Print:

The best competitor of Google Cloud Print is PaperCut Mobility Print. This can be one of the best alternatives to Google Cloud Print. PaperCut Mobility Print offers similar features and services like Google Cloud Print. PaperCut is supported by Chrome OS, Mac, Windows, iOS, and even Android. This makes it easy for you to use PaperCut no matter where you are which device you use. It also supports native UI printing if you’ll use the shortcut ‘Ctrl+P’. PaperCut is meant to be used within local networks, like office intranet. But the company also launched the Cloud printing feature in the beta version. This feature helps you to connect printers from outside the local network when in need.

PaperCut Mobility Print

That’s awesome but for now, it is only limited to Chromebook and Windows devices. The Mac version will be launching soon. With this, it will also provide you with security and privacy. PaperCut Print encrypts your print jobs and metadata. It is a free service and makes its name in the public. This is an awesome option for individual users as well as for big companies. and It is a free application but the users who want to use all the features can take the paid services to unlock more options and services.

The noteworthy features of PaperCut Print are native support printing, encrypted print job, and metadata and support for all platforms.

The big companies and corporations which require all the features of Google Cloud should consider It is also considered as one of the best and recommended services for mitigating from GCP. offers a driver’s app that contains a full stack replacement for the Google Cloud Print functionally. It also integrates Windows, Chromebook, macOS native printing solutions. This gives you an experience of native printing while using cloud printing.

Isn’t it a great thing? With that, you also don’t need to keep a track of print drivers from your other devices. It also provides support to all the printers and handles all the print jobs for you. It is an aimed enterprise and provides you with all the advanced features as well.

This service also offers budgeting features for printers. With that, you can also print jobs with expensive print logs with print charts. There are lots of other features that provides its users like, blank page elimination, multiple printing mods to save ink and toner, security, and full G-suite integration. But this service doesn’t come free.

The price for students and education customers is $300 and for big enterprises, it’s $450. But it also offers you a 30-day free trial to give the users an idea and their expectations about the service.


Ezeep is another alternative for Google Cloud Print services, that should be considered. It is a pretty good replacement as it replicates GCP features that you might like using long after the Google Cloud Print will be shut down. After sending 15 years in the market, Ezeep knows pretty well, how to handle your business and data. With this, they also offer the users immersive features for the client’s cloud printing needs. It offers easy setup by just making some clicks via web interfaces. You can also quickly define the access rules for printers on your networks.

The service is supported by Mac, Chrome, and Windows 10 which makes it easy for you to use it from any platform you want or need. With the more demand for mobile phones in this era, this service is also supported by iOS and Android. Again it makes things easy when using this service. For users who want to keep their important documents private and secure, Ezeep offers its advanced security options with very strong privacy principles.


Not only that it gives you the features like print reports and tracking, BYOD, with secure pull printing to prevent uncollected data and documents. Some noteworthy features include secure pull printing, easy set-up, print report, and tracking. The pricing depends on the organization’s size and uses case. This service also offers a 30-days free trial to attract users to the great services Ezeep offers.


ThinPrint is a viable option for small groups and consumers. This is a great alternative to Google Cloud Printing. This service is supported by all platforms which are, macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. So, it makes the user job easy to print things from any device. ThinPrint allows you to connect to any printer via a local network so that you can print from any device to any printer within your Wi-Fi network. But if you don’t own a Wi-Fi printer, ThinPrint has the solution for you. The users can use the Cloud Printer Connector to convert your simple printers to cloud printers via Windows or Mac. With that, you can use your printer to print wirelessly.


Since ThinPrint is more customer-oriented and not big enterprise-oriented, it doesn’t offer you the features like print tracking, budgeting, secure pull prints tracking as you get in Ezeep. ThinPrint is a solid choice for home printing as it is completely free and specially designed to provide service to small consumers. And it is also compatible with any device, so it makes a good impression among home printers. Some of the noteworthy features of ThinPrint are, it is cost-free, can convert your regular printer to a cloud printer, and comes with a home printer-friendly interface.


The list continues with another alternative for Google Cloud Printix. The service offers you tons of features that make it awesome and a good option as a Cloud Printing Service. Printix is not a free service, but does it stops the service to be one of the best among cloud printing users. It offers high-end features and IT support to its users. Printix offers you features like mobile printing, secure print, IP printing, Chromebook printing with many more options. With this Printix is supported by all the platforms including Windows, macOS, iOS, and android.  Printix has Google Workspace integrations already available for its users. With this feature, you can manage, control and deploy your printing environment.


Printix also helps IT by installing printer devices, deploying client software, user behaviour, and monitoring printer, and providing actionable reports and insights automatically. Printix pricing structure is based on the number of users in an organization. The pricing starts at $1.49 dollars per month per user. Some notable features of this service are, mobile printing and direct IP printing, integration with Google Workspace, actionable insights, and reports.


PrinterLogic also provides a ton of features to its users. The Chrome extension feature of a PrinterLogic makes it easy to migrate the data from Google Cloud Printing. Not only that, PrinterLogic supports a multi-OS environment so that the user can print jobs from anywhere.


PrinterLogic also grows with your business as it is a server-less SaaS solution. So, it solves the problem of changing the providers as the SMB grows to large-scale enterprises. Moreover, it offers a central print management feature so the user or the organization can keep the track of all print jobs in one place. And the cherry on the top is the Direct IP printing, which makes sure that the data is secure and remains local. PrinterLogic doesn’t share its pricing model on its website, but it does have 30 days free trial for its new users.  The notable features of PrinterLogic are multi-OS-endpoints support and direct IP printing.

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Last but not least from the list. YSoft is yet another service that can take place of Google Cloud Printing. The print authentication feature assigns users’ workflow and rights, and can also identify the users. Other features include fact-based audits of prints, scan usage, and copy along with custom or predefined reports. YSoft also supports BYOD which allows the users to send print requests from their own devices. With that, it supports secure mobile printing as well as secure guest printing.

The service also supports integration and workflow with Dropbox, Microsoft SharePoint, and more. The implementation governance rules for printing, including things like double-sided pages, BW prints, and many more. To get the pricing details you have to contact YSoft and check out the different packages offered to users according to their requirements. In addition to fact-based reports, workflows, and integrations,recommended by Google for GCP.

This is not the end there’s something more waiting:

If you don’t want to use any third-party services as an alternative to Google Cloud Printing, you can actually create your own cloud printing service with Docker. It requires the knowledge of severs, using the command line, etc. But this will not limit you and you will be able to host your own cloud printing server.


Google Cloud Printing may shut down, but it will not stop the users to use cloud printing. There are lots and lots of alternatives available in the market and on the internet which will keep up your work and continue cloud printing. The internet is full of options.There are some that are free, and there are others that cost money. Some use high-end technology so the other use basic home printing features. So, do consider these options if you want an alternative for Google Cloud Printing. And at the end keep printing the good work.


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