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OnePlus Set to Include a Smart TV to its Line-up in the Coming Year


Even though OnePlus’s massive fame with its line-up products has been margined to infinity, the tech industry is looking for more variety out of the Shenzhen tech giant. The last time, the tech firm witnessed OnePlus was when it launched its flagship OnePlus 6, right a couple of months after its OnePlus 5T. The recent leak echoes that the same company is working on something gigantic this time. And promptly speaking, OnePlus working on a proposed smart TV for 2019 is much a possibility.

OnePlus’s CEO Pete Lau took this news to the official OnePlus forums in order to unveil the device. From Lau’s statement, the company is set to build a brand new product with OnePlus’s premium flagship design. As per expectations, the device is anticipated to bring the same quality experience of audio and video as witnessed in other OnePlus devices in the past. Furthermore, the device is also expected to get connected to the home seamlessly. As of now, it would be quite apparent to safely call the device ‘OnePlus TV’, that’s what his speech indicates.

The announcement has been accomplished by a teaser image with a hint of the device being termed as the ‘next step forward’ by the company. The CEO also declares that the company wants to take the home environment to a different level with the inclusion of intelligent connectivity. As smart TVs have their own set of the popularity of making fans enjoy their favourite TV series or movies, OnePlus’s attempt to bring the new OnePlus TV is set to bring impact for the company.

Citing its five yesteryears of experience in manufacturing and building smartphones as well as operating system, the Shenzhen tech conglomerate’s development in the tech industry is in plenty. As of now, the company is planning to put the knack of intelligent functionality, efficiency, and simplicity in a new level by improvising their business with the inclusion of a brand new smart TV, safely called ‘OnePlus TV’.

As of now, one may take this news with a grain of salt, when it comes to the device’s availability in China. Whether or not the giant is bringing the device in the Chinese market is yet unknown. But in the end, one can safely assume that the tech giant will launch the smart TV in several territories where OnePlus’s phones have been launched.

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