Comparison of Newegg vs Tigerdirect – Which is the best option to buy Computer Parts?

When you make your PC and source your parts, you will have to make one of Newegg vs TigerDirect’s first decisions. These two computer parts providers are famous and have solid reputations. However, there are distinctions between Newegg vs TigerDirect. In this article, our professionals break down which retailer to go to for which particular parts.

Overall Review: TigerDirect

TigerDirect is the lesser-known out of them both, but it functions a similar service as Newegg does. It sells discounted and hard-to-find and brand new parts to customers looking to enhance their builds. Overall, reviews haven’t always been charming to TigerDirect. Studies suggest that TigerDirect is a scam, doesn’t have the perfect customer service, defective products, and more. People have issues with TigerDirect, majorly because it just takes longer to get anything from them.


It is a company based in California. It sells computer components, electronics, computers that cater to business and corporate customers, not necessarily builders. TigerDirect doesn’t have any remaining physical retail location and instead operates entirely online.

Payment Options:

In terms of TigerDirect financing, it allows pretty many payment options, so you shouldn’t have any issues with anything. It does have slightly more positive reviews for debit cards and credit cards, but reading some of the reviews, you may wish to go with PayPal, as they have more allowance. At this time, TigerDirect doesn’t accept prepaid cards.


It is very straightforward about all of its deals and sales. They don’t have any coupon codes, which few individuals like because they don’t have to look for them.

MoneyBack Guarantee:

The nearest thing to a Tiger Direct return policy is that it does provide a moneyback guarantee if you got faulty parts or aren’t pleased in any way. You will either receive your money back to your TigerDirect account or go where it is.

Order Cancellation:

TigerDirect doesn’t have a specific cancellation policy right now. It is a bit harder to cancel your order using their system than it is with other systems.

Customer Support:

The customer support at TigerDirect is best. They have live experts who are there to assist you, or you can get help via email. Both have habitual responses, and they do go above and beyond to aid you.

Overall Review: Newegg
Newegg was one of the most reliable names in computer builder and parts acquisition. Those days seem to have gone somewhat, as more individuals have had issues with its customer service. If you purchase from Newegg directly, you are going to have a perfect experience. They are fast, clean, and loyal in their approach. If you are buying from a third-party vendor, then you are required to pay attention.

Payment Options:

There are a few several options for payments on Newegg. It accepts almost all payment forms, including prepaid cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, debit cards, credit cards, Google Pay, and more.


There are good discounts to be found on the Newegg website. They provide weekly specials and sales, have particular sales pages, and several coupon codes that you can utilize to save some money. By signing up for their informative newsletter, you can receive the sales sent right to you.

MoneyBack Guarantee:

The nearest thing to a Newegg return policy is that it does provide customer support and moneyback guarantees for its orders. It is harder to get cashback if something goes wrong during the installation process.

Order Cancellation:

Newegg gives an excellent cancellation or order change service as long as your product has not shipped yet. Even so, if you have not got your package, you can give it back immediately as soon as you receive it.

Customer Service:

Newegg gives excellent customer service as well. They have live support that answers quickly. Newegg is more famous so that you may have longer wait times, especially around the holiday season. Other than this, we’re not particular about Newegg’s manufacturer warranty.

TigerDirect vs Newegg

We’ve now read the reviews for these two companies. What takes place when you put them up against each other? How does a Newegg vs TigerDirect comparison seem? Here is how they compare:

Payment accepted:

There are several various ways to pay for your parts. There are endless chances, including PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards and more. Newegg generally prefers prepaid cards, while TigerDirect does not, which gives them the slightest advantage. You should note that Newegg currently does not accept Amazon Pay.
Winner: Newegg

Transactions and sales:

It isn’t easy to compare the two in terms of transactions and sales because one category wins one category, and the other category wins the other category. Forbids, it is easier to think of TigerDirect as a winner. For Newegg, it is much simpler to find coupons and discount codes online.
Winner: Tied

Price Match:

Price Match is a good thing for people looking for a specific product but may want to get other products to save on shipping. If you see a lower-priced product elsewhere, you can take it to the customer service team, and they will match the price. Currently, only Newegg provides this service.
Winner: Newegg

Money-Back Guarantee:

Of the two, refunds on TigerDirect seem to be easier and faster. They both have an excellent money-back guarantee, but the ease of use and speed are different here.
Winner: TigerDirect

Order Cancellation:

With Newegg, it’s straightforward to cancel an order before shipment. They will not try to hide or bury this feature on their website. If your order is shipped, they will also work with you.
Winner: Newegg

Customer Service:

Between these two options, they offer very similar customer service options. However, the wait time for Newegg seems to be a bit longer because it is more popular. Still, Newegg seems to have a more comprehensive plan and a more knowledgeable support team.
Winner: Tie

Tips for Buying Computer Parts Online

Buying computer parts online, especially at discount stores, means you need to pay more attention. You don’t wish to waste a lot of cash; otherwise, you will end up spending a lot more money than buying products from Amazon or other large retailers. To get the most out of your purchases, do the following:

Don’t buy from third parties.

The perfect way to ensure your safety is to make sure you only buy parts from Newegg or TigerDirect. Outside sellers of these options generally sell them at lower prices, but they can be scammers. They can sell you defective parts, old parts, pre-made parts, etc. Always buy directly from the website.

Read reviews.

It will take some time to buy from these retailers. Read the reviews of the parts you specially bought. See the best and worst reviews, view images, and more.

Use a third-party purchase.

If you are shopping at any retailer, it is best to use PayPal or other payment methods to support you if something goes wrong. It will take some time to resolve the conflict. Nevertheless, it is much easier to go through PayPal than through your bank or even the website itself.

Use common sense.

Would you please try to use your common sense when shopping on any website? If something seems too good to be true, it may be. You want to do some research. If something is much cheaper than other opportunities, you should investigate why. If possible, look at the seller’s past sales and see what people are saying.
In general, you shouldn’t be afraid to buy your computer parts online. Many people do this every day without any problems. These are the two best options, especially if you are looking for rare or hard-to-find parts.

Conclusion: Newegg vsTigerDirect

The fact is that people always encounter corporate problems when shopping online. Suppose you want to buy from Newegg or TigerDirect. In this situation, you should follow the recommendations in the previous section to ensure that you get the best parts. If you use discretion and read the reviews, you won’t have a problem with these companies. However, it is generally best to purchase stakes in person or from a reputable retailer, even if you will have to spend a few dollars more to do so. Of these two options, Newegg seems to be more reliable for most of your computer needs.

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