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Millennials uses crypto currency as their future keystone


The concept of crypto currency is not confined to Bit coin anymore. The Crypto concept will complete approximately ten years in the market now. Just a digital form of money does not suffice the concept crypto currency and it is bringing drastic possibilities in the youth world. It has begun to create new jobs, encourage entrepreneurs to establish start-ups seed crypto-tokens holding with advanced features and functionalities. As per the current survey conducted by Block chain capital, nearly 30% would prefer to invest in Bit coin instead of government sticks and bonds.

Millennials are in fact, one of the most prominent generations adding fuel to the fire of crypto trend. Now that bit coin and crypto currency are becoming a familiar concept, the world is still looking forward to the accomplishment of the block chain technology. The technology of block chain still holds a big question mark. The first generation to literally grow up being surrounded by digital technology, Millennials is known to have a distinctive way of thinking by nature. Millennials are embracing the idea of crypto currency usage and investments with no hesitation over the traditional methods.

Moreover, technology is an unbroken segment of their lives and clearly from food ordering to taxi availing, online is their ultimate gateway. This is exactly where crypto currency has smoothly carved out its position and leveraged an impressive platform to the Millennials. Also, experts state that, the crypto realm is a platform of both expansion and risk which exactly matches the stimulating tastes and preferences of the current generation. Also, a factor that precisely proves that the crypto trend suits Millennials the most is their maximum level of digital literacy. Compared to the baby boomers and the Gen X, Millennials are the most progressive group who adventurously tackles the digital generation.

On a relevant note, the idea of crypto currency and bit coin is gradually wide spreading among the elderly group of generation as well. People above the age of sixty are curious about the interesting terminologies, procedures and system of crypto currency. The older generation group who are willing to pace along with the crypto trend are now viewing age as a limiting factor. The trend is tending to transfer from the younger age groups to the older ones. It is being accepted and utilized worldwide and is moving into the future in lighting fast speed, rapidly than ever before.

Brian is a contributor here at TechRar. Brian was previously in charge of Business Development at the enterprise blockchain company Monax. He has degrees in economics, philosophy and cognitive science from The University of Chicago, London School of Economics and University College London.

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