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Keystrokes per hour

How to use Keystrokes per hour and everything about Keystrokes

You may want to know how fast your typing speed is. For this reason, you may have tried a variety of methods to measure your typing speed.

Your typing speed is primarily measured in keystrokes per hour (KPH) or words per minute (WPM). These numbers indicate the rate at which you enter data and the proficiency of your typist. If you wish to calculate your typing speed in terms of keystrokes per hour (KPH) or words per minute (WPM), you have come to the right place.

This article will discuss how to calculate typing speed and how to convert keystrokes per hour (KPH) to words per minute (WPM).

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Use CPM calculator to calculate

You can use a CPM calculator or WPM calculator to calculate your typing speed in different ways. Online typing programs calculate input speed by displaying a paragraph on the screen for you to enter. And by tracking the time it takes to enter text to show accurate results, you can use similar websites;,, thetypingcat .com / typingspeedtest,, or any online typing program of your choice, then follow the steps mentioned below.

1. The CPM calculator calculates the number of keystrokes you perform per hour. The best way to calculate CPM is to use an online typing program. We have listed some tools at the end of this blog.

2. Now that you get the number of CPM keystrokes per hour, divide your result (KPH) by 60. You have now calculated the number of keystrokes per minute.

3. Divide your keystrokes per minute by 5 to calculate your words per minute (WPM).

What is the average number of keystrokes per hour?

What is the average number of keystrokes per hour?The average number of keystrokes per hour is 15,000, which is equivalent to 60 words per minute. Most companies that hire people to enter data or write professionally expect someone to write 60 words per minute.

You can be much faster than this. If you are a professional writer or enter data for work, your work will be more accessible if you can type faster.

How fast are most people writing? (And How to Type Faster) provides an online typing speed test. Data from the people who participated in the test shows that most people write at about 30 words per minute. However, in my opinion, this is a plodding pace.

According to data from, men write approximately 11,000 times per hour (44 words per minute), and women typically write around 9,250 times per hour (37 words per minute).

You can improve your typing speed in the following ways:

1. Practice typing
2. Use a different keyboard (secret)
3. Play the typing game

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Convert KPH to WPM

Let’s do the math; If your typing test result is 9500 KPH, divide by 60, and you will get 158.33 hits per minute key. Post to that, if you divide 158.33 by 5, you will get 31 words per minute.

It is the easiest way to convert KPH to WPM.

Hence, we hope you found the ideal average keystrokes per hour, and you can improve your typing speed accordingly.

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