Current Date:April 1, 2023
is kinguin legit

Is Kinguin Legit for Windows & Game Keys?? | Review

Kinguin is a global digital marketplace that offers game keys with rapid delivery 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Great deals on Steam, Origin,, Xbox, and PSN cd-keys, among other things!

Many people desire to buy cheap games and Windows keys, and this website called “Kinguin” offers to sell them. So, today, we’re going to see if it’s legit or not.

How does it function?

This site is basic and user-friendly, similar to other online shopping sites such as AliExpress or Amazon.

You go to the site and search for what you need, and if you find it for a decent or low price, you add it to your shopping basket and then checkout using various commonly used payment methods.

is kinguin legit 2021

Following a successful payment transfer, you will receive the product key via a kinguin letter in your inbox on the e-mail address with which you have registered on the site.

Use the product key and have fun with it.


Keys Kinguin functions in the same way as OLX does. This site is open to any shop, merchant, or individual who wishes to sell.

Many official game publishers, like Steam, sell directly on Kinguin.

It has also been reported that some hackers purchased game keys with stolen credit cards and then sold them to purchasers on Kinguin.

When Ubisoft learned of this, they deemed these keys worthless, leaving many customers who purchased them from Kinguin with no options and their money squandered. Buying off keys from Kinguin might be problematic if you receive an invalid or stolen key, thus Kinguin has devised a solution to this problem through the usage of their buyer protection system.

Buyer Security

Buyer protection is a kinguin policy that states that if you are given the wrong key or are scammed, you will be compensated by kinguin. However, if you wish to buy a product under a buyer protection policy, you will be charged.

If you purchase goods under buyer protection, the fees typically vary from a minimum of $2 to a maximum of $10.

Is it worthwhile to purchase buyer protection?

To be honest, buyer protection is more valuable if you are purchasing a costly game key; otherwise, you are taking a risk.

There is no Buyer Protection.

If you buy a key without buyer protection and are scammed, you will lose your money and will not be refunded, which is risky, but it is not limited that the majority of keys found cheap are stolen or invalid.

is kinguin legitimate

You might be able to find a key for a low price if you don’t have buyer protection.

To summarise: Conclusion

Consider kinguin to be the lottery. You can either lose or win money on it.

I would advise you to only purchase expensive games on Kinguin while adhering to the buyer protection policy.

In the end, while Kinguin is not universally regarded favourably in the gaming world, it may still be used to purchase digital goods.

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