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Instagram marketing vs Facebook marketing – All You Need To Know

Social media marketing is nothing but interesting!

You can say that it is one of the platforms to catch the customers at the right time and promote yourself in an innovative style. In any kind of promotion and in any kind of business to market, you can easily go for the social media king and queen-

Facebook and Instagram!

At first, you have to know who is better, and then you can go for that site, or you can go to both platforms.

What is Facebook marketing?

Facebook is such a platform where you can easily catch huge customers randomly because Facebook has  2.8 billion users as of the 2019 report published. You can say that it is one of the top social media platforms.

Facebook is the greatest social networking site that can give you a social channel, and you know that this is an important factor to make a chain for the business.  Last few years, Facebook has become the social media market where people share their thoughts as well as sell everything.

Social media is to keep reminding your audience. This is why Gucci marketing strategy is so famous. Because the logo and the brand name is always popping up through media platforms for customers to remember.

Here the market is bound to be free as well as the customers. So you can utilize these features and make your business better than the previous state. Whether you are a startup business or in any successful industry, it is time to promote yourself or your business on Facebook.

You can call it the Facebook market. This is completely different from other market environments. If you want to understand what digital marketing is, you can easily get to know it by learning the Facebook marketing style.

Facebook has expanded its ability regarding social media marketing. Facebook is user-friendly. Over the few years, it has given service to the users, and now it is one of the top media where the sellers can sell anything that can be marketed.

What is Instagram Marketing?

Let’s talk about the Instagram market!

This is another social media marketing that is concerned with promoting brands on Instagram. The users who have huge followers can promote other brands (popularly known as influencers), and they get paid for that.

Sometimes you can see that Instagram and Facebook are the same in this field, but there are distinct differences between them.

From the year of 2010, Instagram has successfully expanded itself globally. This is one of the media which grows itself fastly, and reports say that Instagram has 1billion active users on a monthly basis.

A survey published that the users usually spend their time with mobile phones. So, it is important to catch the customer on their way. That’s why the business or the market has come to social media. You can also use Ingramer to increase more of your social media growth.

You can say that it is the reason the market has come on the handset or social media. Before I get into the core factor of Instagram marketing, I can share some Instagram facts regarding marketing.

When you think that you want to switch your market on Instagram, you have to make a plan that helps you to make your business Instagram-friendly. For this reason, you have to ensure that you have a business account where you can do all the business-related programs.

After that, you can use Instagram marketing tools.  In this note, I can mention that, as with Facebook business profiles, Instagram also can present statistics and reports on your business or market. Here, you can see that Facebook and Instagram business features are the same.

Instagram marketing vs Facebook marketing

The same features of Facebook and Instagram can make you confused, and some questions may come to your mind about which platform you have to be concerned about and how you can do that for your business.

Here, I’m going to answer these questions. At first, you have to choose or make your target audience. This is one of the important matters of digital or social media marketing.

The audience or the customer’s background are important matters. You can use facebook toolkit to understand this. Your demand and the customer’s demand should be the same.  It means that you have to fulfill your customers’ demands.

Instagram also has growth tools like igmods which can also help you understand your potential customer growth pattern better.

I can give an example if you want to sell your product to the medium society to the high society of people, you can promote your business on Facebook, but if you only want to touch the high society of people, then you can go for Instagram.

Social media is one of the best places to advertise your product in an innovative way. You can use both platforms or not. It is totally your choice.

Instagram has a better experience than Facebook, and it is proved by the survey report. For the social media market, it has been proved that the Instagram market has made itself for phones.

The effect of social media on the market

I already mentioned that the report says that the common people mostly spend their time with their mobile phones. Gradually the business has come to that gathering area. It is natural where the people come most of the time. That place is the best to market.

The report of social media engagement study says that on Instagram, there has a 1.60% median engagement rate per post, whereas on Facebook, it got  0.09%. As per the report, I can suggest to you that the Instagram market is better than the Facebook market.

Here one question has arisen: is the marketing of Facebook and Instagram the same? I can say that most things are the same, and both companies are owned by one company, but you can keep in your mind one thing: the marketing goals.

You will be pouring most of your creativity in the same field in your social media marketing, and it is your job to ensure that they are copyright reserved.


Facebook and Instagram have followed different marketing goals. Now you are able to understand and make decisions about where you can go to promote your business and reach your maximum range of customers.

You need to identify your goal and run your business as per the demands of the social media market.

You are now capable of promoting your business smartly.

All the best!


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