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how to split screen on windows 10

How to Split Screen on Windows 10? – In 2 Minutes

Windows, the world-changing thing, that changed computers forever. Windows has a great history. The Windows first version came out in the year 1985. From there it has developed and gave us some of the greatest versions like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and now Windows 10. Windows 10 is the latest version of windows and offers some of the greatest and amazing features and services that make it easy for the user to use it efficiently and also saves time if customised accordingly.

How to Split Screen on Windows 10

As usual Windows with every upgrade comes with new features and services which are arguably better than the previous version. There are tons of features and services provided by Windows 10. But one of the most amazing features of this is the multitasking split screen. This multitasking split screen allows the users to open multiple windows and applications at the same time. This allows the user to perform multitasking and it also saves time.

Many of us are aware of this multitasking feature but doesn’t use it to its full potential. And the reason for that is, most of us don’t know the real potential of this feature. So, be with us to learn more about the multitasking split screen feature. In this article, we will give the knowledge on How to Split Screen on Windows 10 (and also Snap Assist) and how to use it to its full potential to increase your productivity and to improve the quality of work.

Not only this we will also introduce you to some third-party apps and Microsoft app that offers you the additional features and services to make your multitasking easier, productive and more fun. So, without wasting time let’s check out what we want to share with you people.

By using Snap Assist Let’s see How to Split Screen on Windows 10?:

Snap Assist is a built-in feature of Windows 10 and it allows and helps users to organize their space on the screen more efficiently. This feature allows users to snap windows to sides, corners with the help of a mouse or keyboard without resizing them manually in no time.

The Snap Assist tool was introduced in Windows 7. Since then, it has been developed to do more stuff and now Windows 10 has some more features of the Snap Assist tool. The new features allow the user to snap up to four windows per monitor. Snap Assist is enabled primarily but you can disable it according to your needs. Now let us see how you can use the Snap Assist tool in Windows 10:

  • Press “Windows button + I” simultaneously or go to Settings. Now click on the “System”.
  • A window will open on the left. Select “multitasking” and see if the toggle button under ‘Snap Windows’ is on. The other below the snap window should also be on to run the task successfully.

Snapping Windows side by side:

After ensuring that the Snap Assist tool is on, you are allowed to snap four windows at any part of the screen at the same time. To use the split screen feature, drag the windows from the top right or left corner of the screen/window with the help of your mouse button. A translucent window will appear in the background which indicates the user where the screen will be placed on the desktop.

Now that you have snapped the window to the desired side of the screen, your new window will appear or open on the other half side of the screen. You can also resize the windows after snapping them by dragging the divider line with the help of your mouse, depending on you and the work.

Snapping multiple windows (more than 2 windows):

As said you can snap up to four windows at the same time, you can drag and place the windows to any part of the screen depending on you. The translucent line will guide you to snap windows accordingly with perfect sizing. This feature really helps the busy people who are more into stock and broker business, as they check the market status every minute every second.

Taking the help of keyboard shortcuts to snap windows:

If you think that mouse is the only thing that helps you to snap windows, then you are just on the first step. Windows allows the users to snap multiple windows with the help of a keyboard. All you need to do is to select the window and press “Windows + Right/Left Arrow Key” to snap windows on either side of the screen. And to snap the window on top or bottom of the screen press “Windows + Top/Bottom keys” respectively to snap a window to the desired side. The use of the keyboard to snap windows is not an easy task, but to be more practical, Windows offers this feature too.

The third-party apps to use the split-screen feature in Windows 10:

Microsoft offers the Split Screen feature but some third-party apps really just change the experience of this feature and take it to a whole new level. Some free apps like AquaSnap, which allow users to use split-screen including snapping, docking, shaking and stretching. Not only this, but it also supports keyboard shortcuts and allows the user to keep windows on top by shaking them with the help of a mouse button. It also offers a premium paid version that provides more features and services to the users who buy them.

Some of the premium features include mouse shortcuts, moving together, window tiling. The premium membership also offers gamers and heavy users multi-monitor support. There are different versions offered by AquaSnap, you can choose any one of them according to your needs and wish.

Microsoft Power Toys (Fancy Zones):

One more way by which you can split the screen into two is by using the service called Power Toys. This is an official utility by Microsoft which offers features like “Fancy Zones” which is a supercharged windows manager for all the multitasking you need. It makes your multitasking more efficient as the features are predefined. This also helps you to use the layout editor with the use of keyboards shortcut keys (Windows + ‘).

It also has built-in layouts of the split-screen which allows you to quickly choose a layout to save your time and improve productivity.  One can also override the default Windows Snap shortcut (Windows + Right/Left arrows) to switch between different zones.


Now that you know How to Split Screen on Windows 10, you will be able to use this feature like a pro. This will not only increase your productivity but will also improve your focus as you have to concentrate on different screens at the same time. Hopefully, after reading this article you will be able to use the multitasking split screen at the fullest of your as well as its potential. So, split the screen and save your time.

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