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how to add a bot to discord

How to Add a bot to DISCORD?

How to Add a bot to DISCORD?

Discord is a very popular free chat service for gamers around the world. It has more than 140 million monthly active users around the world. The reason Discord is very popular among gamers is, it is easy to use and the server is very easy to create as well as maintain. Discord is a very powerful software and also loaded with lots of features.

How to Add a bot to DISCORD?

At the same time, it allows the users to customize it accordingly. But one of the most interesting features of Discord is to add bots to your server. But first, do you know what or who is a bot? Well, the answer to it is, bots are AI’s (Artificial Intelligence) that perform automated works and tasks for you on your server like, welcoming new members, banning rule-breakers, moderating content and many more tasks.

Not only that the bot commands can be used to add games, memes, music and other interesting content you want. So, the conclusion is bots are pretty useful for your server. But before adding bots to your server make sure that you have a “Manage Server” permission to the server you are adding the bots too. Now let us look at some ways by which we can add bots to your server:

Finding the Bots:

Before adding bots to your server you have to find the bots that match your likings. There are many ways by which you can add bots to your server, but the easiest and best way to do this is by visiting the Unofficial Discord Bot Website. So, this is just the first step. When you find the desired bot or bots, you have to integrate them into your server. Let’s look at how to add a bot to discord in the next section,

Integrating bots to your server:

Now, you must be wondering that integrating the bot or bots to your server is a bit difficult task. It is rather an easy task. To add bots first log in to your discord server. Select the desired bot or bots that you want to add. After doing this, follow the steps:

  1. Select the server you want to add the bots to and click the drop-down arrow that sits next to the server’s name.
  2. Click on the “Server settings” in the drop-down menu.
    Server settings
  3. Click on “roles”, go down the menu and enable the “Manage Server Permission” in the General Server Permission section. After doing the same, click on the “Save Changes”.
    Manage Server Permission
  4. Now go to the desired bot website and find the desired bot you want to your discord server.
  5. After doing this a new window will appear, select the server to which you want to add your bots. Click on the “Add to server” from the drop-down list, then click the continue button.
    Add to server
  6. Give the confirmation on clicking the Authorize and the bot will take care of your server now.
    Confirm the permissions

It’s all you need to do to add bots to your server. Not only this you can use the bots to extend the functionality that is available on your server and can add fun things and activities to do with your friends or so-called server mates.

After doing this simple thing, you will enjoy the company of your bots on your server. And if you want to add bots from a notable sit you can always refer to GitHub. To get this you need to install it. Not only this, this will enhance your experience of using your server as well as will be different from the regular server.

These awesome tasks which are performed by the bots will save your time and you can enjoy doing other things. Not only this there are different lists of bots that are best for music on Discord. With this check out the best server for Among Us, the best Discord server for Minecraft.

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