Current Date:April 1, 2023
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Here How To Host A Spotify On Discord

We all know that Discord is hugely popular and a very fun place to be in for the gamers, however,  the communication platform has booster up beyond gaming over the past few years. Now, it not only hosts Valheim and Among Us servers apart from that, but it is also the home to K-pop fan communities, tech lovers, and mesophiles, etc. And well, in case you do not have any idea, Discord has a lot of amazing and cool feature that allows you to listen to music with friends on Spotify. Yes, you read that right and it is known as Listen Along. What does it do? Well, there you can listen to your favourite songs while staying connected with your friends on Discord. Here, in this article, we are going to tell you guys that how to host a Spotify Listening Party on Discord. S stat tuned and keep reading.

Organize Spotify On Discord:

Before we get to the main thing of how you can organize a Spotify listening party on Discord, it is necessary to know that all the participants will require a Spotify Premium account to take advantage of the feature. For instance- if you invite a friend who does not have Spotify Premium, that friend will get an error message and will not be able to take part in the listening party. This is being said, here is how to start a Listen Along with session on Discord.

1. First of all, you need to connect your Spotify account with Discord. To do that, you need to go to Settings, then Connections, and then Spotify.

Spotify account with Discord

2. When you are done linking Spotify and Discord, you need to open Spotify and play some music. Here, at the time when you switch back to Discord while playing music on Spotify, you will find a green play icon on the “+” upload file button in the message box.

spotify discord on phone

3. Now, you need to click on the green play button and then choose the “Invite [user/channel] to Listen to Spotify” option. So far so good? You know what, you can utilize this feature on public, private Discord channels as well as personal DMs.

spotify on discord server

4. After performing the above, you can now send the invite along with a message on a Discord server or to your friend or whoever you want. In case you want, you can select or choose to leave the ‘Add a Comment’ text box blank and click on the “Send Invite'” button to move forward.

play spotify on discord

5. After that, your friend or channel members will now receive an invite link. What after that? Well, now all they have to do is click on the “Join” button from that invite link and they will be able to take part in the listening party. And, as we know that the link is dynamic, it will automatically change the preview when you switch songs. Sounds okay? Before going to the next step, let me tell you that you can either select to pick and play songs manually or pick a playlist you want to listen to with your friends.

spotify on discord not working

Here is what the User Interface(UI) will look like at the time you are in an active listening session. You will find the profile pictures of friends or users who join your party in the invite box.

6. At last, if you want to leave a Spotify listening party, you need to click on the ‘X’ button situated above the profile picture preview.


So, that is all from our side about how you can host a Spotify listening party on Discord. However, there is one catch which is, you need a Spotify Premium subscription for it to work. But if you do not have Spotify Premium and still looking to host a listening party on Discord, you need to have one of the best Discord music bots. So here, this article comes to an end, do not hesitate to share your experience with us in the comments section down below. Apart from that, in case you have any questions, please let us know down below, we would love to hear from you.

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