Current Date:February 3, 2023 | How to Activate History TV on your Device?

“The most boring subject, which used to haunt us in our school days could never be, in any universe be ENGAGING!”

this is what, almost every student on the face of this Earth has thought, whenever the school bell used to ring , & marked the start of a daunting – History Class!

History – be it in any form – Ancient, Mediaeval or Modern ! could never tie the noose of the wandering attention of children. This has become even more worrisome when in this digital age, the attention span of children is reducing as tiny as a pea!

Well, A&E network tried, and build something, which in today’s time, can bust the problem of losing interest & attention in our children from the most mysterious story ever told! The story of Man itself- HIS-TORY!

To catch the gaze of children and adults alike, and to re-narrate the history , HISTORY TV CHANNEL was developed, to bring back the subject of the past, through the lens of our present , which can guide us into our Future!

Let’s kickoff our dive into the exploration of History, or better say it History TV- first one must have to activate the History Channel. Take a scroll down over the given bullet points before embarking upon this interesting journey.

  • History Channel has its roots in the glamorous city of New York and is the flag bearer of A&E Networks.
  • Originally, History TV was planned to be the hub of featured documentaries but later , it made its way into the realm of TV programming.
  • HIstory Channel has left an impression in the likes of, not only USA but also, Canada, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.
  • It has been there in the talks, that a major chunk of their targeted audience, had faced challenges in installing & activating History Channel on a new streaming device.
  • Just a bootcamp tip for the same,surf to the link on any browser.
  • Check with your TV Service provider, that you have a running subscription & if not you need to get it activated.
  • Get this all done in order to enjoy the beauty of HUman History , via History TV over any device or simply – Online!

1. Setting up your device using –

  • To start your viewing experience on History TV, one must have to tick off a few things in the given checklist.
  • Visit: with the device with which you want to stream History TV.
  • Once fully activated, you can comfort yourself with full-length episodes of your favorite shows, movies & highlights of any of your favorite History TV shows.
  • Consume content on conditions which are laid by only – you! Customize your watchlist by adding a few to many titles. Handpicked only by -You & for YOU!

2. Activating HistoryTV using –

  • Visit the official online address of HistoryTv i.e. on your computer.
  • Opt for your device, from the list given, like- Amazon TV, Apple TV, or Roku.
  • Next comes the option to choose your TV Service provider; you can choose from the options given or just tap onto ‘More Providers’ to browse the entire list. Your TV service provider won’t just pop up automatically.
  • Lastly, register and punch in the activation code in the space provided.
  • Tap onto the ‘Continue’ button, and keep going to provide additional, yet essential information to mark the completion of the activation process.

3. Viewing History Channel on Roku via –

  • Take yourself to – and choose ‘Roku’ from the available list of options.
  • Opt for your TV service provider. You can always tap on ‘More Providers’, if you are unable to see your TV service options, on the pre-existing list.
  • Punch in your Activation Code
  • Users must have to provide their contact info when they register. Roku sends its users an Activation Code if a user has successfully registered his/herself.
  • This very code, allows its user to connect Roku with the user’s account. you will need this code to activate History Channel.
  • Once the code is punched in, over, tap on ‘Continue’.
  • Once the connection is complete, you will now be able to confirm your subscription via Roku’s website.
  • The above steps, by now, have made History TV linked to your Roku Channels.
  • Now, Locate TV’s Roku Channel Store and look for History Channel & smash that ‘Search’ button.
  • In the space provided for the PIN; enter the same activation code you used earlier.
  • Once confirmed, click on the ‘Add channel’ option.
  • Hurray! Now you my friend, enjoy History Channel cable-free, & obviously, tension-free! Roku has brought History Channel online onto your device.

Trouble Shooting History Channel on Roku – ‘ Not Working’ Issue

  1. It has been brought to our notice manner times that users face this trouble in streaming History TV Channel over Roku.
  2. This error manifests itself, by buffering video, poor viewing quality, etc.
  3. These issues are dealt with by Roku, properly. If you face something like this, feel free to contact Roku officials at –

4. Adding History Channel to your Firestick

  • Have a feeling to dive into the marvels of Human history with your Amazon FireStick TV? Here is a quick setup guide, waiting just for you!
  • Fire up your FireStick & locate ‘Fire TV’.
  • Stroll through and land upon ‘Applications’ & select ‘History’ as the ‘type of entertainment.
  • Voila! Now you can view History Tv on your Amazon Fire Stick.

5. Viewing History Tv on Apple Tv

  • Just from the ease of home-screen, you can search the app.
  • Select ‘History’ in the Tv & the Movies section.
  • Opt for ‘history’.
  • Add this as a choice, to your apple tv & kick start watching your favourite History Shows.
  • If in any case, you don’t enable History Channel, you will need to contact your TV provider.
  • This will enable you to watch complete episodes & highlights of shows that make us revisit our own history.
  • Once activated, you can make a customized watchlist on Roku, for your favorite shows.
  • You are in for a treat, as you can watch exclusive previews of the show, before anybody else!

6. Watch History TV on Smart TV

  • Visit the available app store on your Smart TV and click on ‘Get More Apps’
  • Give a ‘Right Click ‘ on the search icon and launch a search for ‘History’!
  • Select History app and here you have it! Your favorite Shows at the command of your finger.

7. Streaming History TV iOS via

  • Locate the ‘App Store’ from the home screen on your iOS device.
  • Type in the keyword- ‘History’ in the search bar.
  • Sift through the results, and select the ‘History’ app to initiate its download.
  • Once the installation is complete, open a histology sign in your account via the app.
  • iOS does not have an application but, once you are ready to log in with your History Account & your TV service Provider account – you can gain access to the entire library in just a blink of an eye!

8. Running History Tv channel on Android via –

  • Open up the Google Play app store on your android device and launch a search for “History App’ in the search box.
  • Sift through the search results and choose ‘History App’ to initiate its download process.
  • Once the History app is downloaded, on your android device, launch it to start!
  • Now simply, feed in your History or TV service provider account details, on the initial screen to gain access to the massive History Channel Library.

9. Setting up History TV on Samsung Smart TV via –

  • Fire up your Samsung Smart TV & connect it with your Wi-Fi or any other Internet Connection.
  • Smash the ‘Enter’ button, present on your remote controller.
  • Now, click on the Home Button.
  • Once the tab appears on your screen, scroll left to navigate the app icon.
  • Tap on the ‘Search’ icon.
  • Using your TV Controller, or Voice it up the words – ‘History’.
  • Now, carefully, select only the official ‘History’ app from the rolled-out search results.
  • HIstory App page will now appear on your screen, just then, do press ‘Install’ to initiate its download.
  • In a span of only a few minutes, the installation will be complete. Now, you can watch History Channel right from the comfort of your screen.
  • Just, follow the prompts, to obtain an activation code on your Samsung Smart TV.
  • You can also browse the internet using a computer or a mobile to surf up to the address –
  • Choose ‘Another option’ from ‘All Options’
  • Opt for your preferred TV provider from the search provider list, or you can also use the drop-down menu to search for it.
  • Lastly, you must submit the given code and click on the “Continue” button.

How I can watch History without cable?

  • One can experience, History on Samsung TV via any other mode if your Samsung Smart TV doesn’t support the ‘History App’
  • Numerous, streaming service providers, offer History channels as part of their plans.
  • You can watch History Channel on Samsung TV.

10. Watch History TV on Sling TV

  • Sling Tv, offers History TV Channels, as part of their ‘Orange & Blue’ subscription packs. You can access 30+ popular TV Channels for just $35 on a monthly basis.
  • The single obstacle faced by the Sling TV users is that only a single person streams with their basic plan.
  • Sling TV offers cloud DVR capabilities, which allow individuals to record their favorite shows any time!
  • It is supported by many devices, including Roku, Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and iOS.

11. Watch History TV on HULU TV

  • Hulu offers its clients, History TV Channel as a part of its many subscription plans.
  • The History Channel can be watched at a nominal payment of $64.99, per month along with many other channels.
  • Being one of the most popular streaming media platforms in the United States, it offers its users to record 50 hrs of content to its cloud DVR storage, even with its Basic subscription pack. This enables 2 users to stream HULU simultaneously.
  • You can binge-watch the whole HULU library. As a perk, it offers a 7 Day free trial to all its users.
  • Hulu faces no compatibility, issues, & is supported by numerous devices like- Samsung Smart TVs, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV & others.
  • Many other streaming services also offer History TV as a part of their plans.
  • However, many of these do not support Samsung Smart TV.


The history TV channel is offered by a plethora of streaming platforms, all praise to its engaging content. This list might run on long as & contains names of almost, all  leading TV service providers like :

  1. Dish
  2. Hulu
  3. DirecTV
  4. Twitch TV
  5. Tubi TV
  6. Xfinity
  7. AT & T TV
  8. Pluto TV
  9. Amazon Fire
  10. AT & T U- Verse
  11. Spectrum
  12. Youtube TV
  13. COX
  14. Frontier
  15. Mediacom
  16. Philo
  17. Frontier Communications
  18. Verizon


Your favorite, digital history teller – The History TV Channel, can come to you, in any mode you want it to! Name all the leading platforms, trending devices and running systems – History TV channel, comes on all of them, just with the sole motive to keep that curious cat inside you, ALIVE! This blog too is written with a purpose, to make that curious cat equipped, with the know-how, to set up History Tv Channel, on its favorite device and dive into the depths of our History! That’s all for you today, see you next time! – Adios amigos



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