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Here How You Can Fix The Message+ keeps Stopping Error In Android S7-S9

If you are a Samsung mobile user, you may be familiar with the error, named, “Unfortunately Message has stopped” or “Message+ Keeps Stopping” error. Well, there are several other users too who are reporting the same thing, so you are not alone. Apart from that, you also do not need to panic.

Now, if you are getting this annoying error, I am sure that you are looking for solutions, and guess what we have the answers. In this article, we are going to tell you the top 5 fixes that you can perform and get rid of this error. So stay tuned and keep reading. 

Fix 1. Try to wipe Cache Partition to fix Message+ keeps stopping error.

Have you updated your Samsung device recently? Well, if yes, let me tell you that there is a chance that a few caches in your device have been corrupted. Hence, if you do nothing about it and keep using your Samsung phone with those corrupted files, then you might face errors like messages app. Hence to get rid of that, you need to delete those old caches. Here’s how you can do it:

#1 First of all, you need to turn off your Samsung Galaxy S8.

turn off your Samsung Galaxy S8

#2 After turning it off, you need to press and hold the Volume Up and the Bixby key and then press and hold the power key at the time when the Android logo appears.

Volume down button and power keys

#3 Now you have to press the Volume down key a few times to highlight “wipe cache partition.”

wipe cache partition

#4 After that, you will need to press the Power key to select.

#5 Also, you have to press the Volume down key to highlight “yes” and the Power key to choose.

#6 When the wiping procedure is complete, you will see that “Reboot system now” is the highlight. There you just have to press the Power key to reboot your Samsung device.

Reboot system now

Hope this first fix can help you fix Message+ Keeps Stopping error in no time.

Fix 2. Try to reboot your device

Well, restarting your Android device is a very basic step and you can use it for any issue that you face and it is not error-specific. There are several cases when restarting your device can solve the errors, especially if there are any minor software or firmware issues. Apart from that, you need to make sure that the error you are experiencing is not at all due to minor firmware problems. You know what, there are times when such issues can cause instant app crashes and poor device performances. So in order to fix this, you need to perform a force restart and then check if the error is fixed or not.

To do this, you need to press and hold the Volume down button and power keys at the same time like for approximately 10-12 seconds.

Volume down button and power keys

Following the above-mentioned steps as usual will reboot your Android device. However, this time, all the phone memory including all applications and services will be refreshed.

When your phone is open after restarting, you need to open the Messages application, and then check again if it crashes or not. If the error is gone, then it is well and good, if not, then you have to move to the next solution.

Our team member Message+ Keeps Stopping error was fixed after a reboot of the devide.

Fix 3. Try to enable the device’s safe mode

If you enable the device’s safe mode in your Android phone that may be very useful for you to fix this annoying issue. This is because it notifies you immediately if the error you are experiencing is because of any third-party applications. Generally, in safe mode, all your downloaded applications will be deactivated and only active and enabled apps in safe mode are pre-installed ones, and hence making you determine the main causes of the error quickly. Here is how you can safe mode your device:

#1 First of all, you need to turn off the device first.

#2 Here in this step, you need to keep pressing the Power button after you get the model name screen of your device.

#3 At the time when the device logo like Samsung will show up, you need to release the Power button.

#4 When you release the Power key, after that you will have to press and hold the Volume down key now and you have to keep holding it till the device completes the process of restart.

#5 Now you need to release the Volume down key at the time when you see safe mode showing up in the bottom left. At this point, you are now in the device’s safe mode.

Note- I want to recommend that you keep your phone in safe mode and try sending text messages to your number or anyone else just to see if the error is gone or not. If the Message+ Keeps Stopping error is gone, then it is well and good, if not, then it would mean that there is a problem with the firmware. Also, you need to check whether you can utilize the messaging app for a few minutes without having any issues in safe mode. If yes, then you have to check any other application causing this error. In case you find one, you have to remove it. Doing this should clear the error code.

Fix 4. Try to clear Cache and Data

There are many users out there who get confused about the same i.e. will I be able to fix this annoying error by clearing the cache? Will I be losing my contacts or something? Well, the answer is yes for the first one and no for the second one. Also, the process of clearing the data and cache solves all software-related errors and resets almost everything. Clearing the Cache and Data eliminates all cookies, personal data, user profiles, passwords, and almost everything refreshing everything. Here is how you can do it:

#1 First of all, you need to swipe up from the Home screen and then go to Apps.

#2 After that, you need to go to settings and then switch to Apps.


#3 In this step, you have to check pre-installed applications, and then go to the menu and at last to show system applications.

#4 Here in this step, you need to go to Messages, and after that click on Storage and select the clear cache option.

clear cache option

#5 Now, you have to click on precise data and then click on the delete option to complete the process in order to fix Message+ Keeps Stopping error.

Note- Folks, you can also try to do the Force Stop on your device. However, truth to be told, this process will stop any running tasks and apps by forcing them. You also need to remember that you will lose all messages and important data and all stored information. Hence, I want to recommend you to keep backup if it is possible.

At last, after doing the above-mentioned steps, you need to open the messaging app and then check if the Message+ Keeps Stopping error has stopped or not.

Fix 5: Resetting the device

This solution is one of the sure-shot techniques to fix most of your problems but that also makes it a very crucial and careful step which can help you solve Message+ Keeps Stopping error. It’s the equivalent of getting a blank slate on your system. Just like the day you bought it- fresh and new. Before going through this step, the important thing to do is to take a backup of all the data on your device.

Note- If you fail to perform this step properly, it will lead to a complete loss of your data and resetting the device does not mean restarting the device.

Some core applications cannot be restored easily. If the said apps are embedded in the firmware that means your system might be facing several firmware problems. You can perform a full system reset or master reset. Create a backup of all the existing files, delete your Google account from your device and follow the following step by step tutorial:

Backup of all files on the internal memory. If you have anti-theft enabled on your Samsung device, it will ask you to put credentials before the process.

1. Turn off the device

2. Press power key+volume key. You need to press the Bixby key too simultaneously.

Volume down button and power keys

3. You will see the Android logo, release the buttons and the system upgrade will start.

4. This is the device recovery mode, press the volume down key to choose the factory reset option.

factory reset option

5. Press the power button to confirm

6. A master reset will start now after it completes, choose the “Reboot system”.

Reboot system

7. Press Power key to activate the device

Check to see if your Message+ Keeps Stopping error have been fixed or not. Hopefully, all the error pop-ups will be fixed after this solution.


Every Samsung error has faced an error “Message+ keeps stopping” in their lifetime of usage of the phone. One of our team members faced a similar error after tons of article reading and experimenting he managed to write one detailed article which can definitely help you fix the error.

Even though the error is not fixed feel free to drop a comment our team member will help you do this.

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