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epic seven tier list

Here Is Our Epic Seven Tier List: The Best Heroes And Champions

If I were to ask you one question, what would your response be? Are you aware of Epic Seven Tier List? If you know, then well and good, however, in case you are not familiar with it. Let me tell you, Epic Seven is an amazing game that gives users fun and entertainment. There are many difficult and complex levels in the games that have to be extra vigilant. Hence, to combat and deal with complications, you will require the best teal of characters. And here, in this article, we are going to talk about these Epic Seven Tier List.

Epic Seven Tier List

Epic Seven Tier lists the best heroes of all time:

You know what, when it comes to picking up the best characters for your team to move forward in the game, Epic Seven gives you a great and wide range of lists. However, you need to choose characters that are ideal for you, not the ones that can make it more difficult for you to stay in the game. In order to solve your problems, we have come up with an Epic seven Tier List only for you.

Best 5-star characters of Epic Seven Tier list:

You must be wondering what the 5-star characters of Epic seven contain? Let me tell you that the best 5-stars consist of the heroes or characters who have a rating from 8.9 to 9.7.

#1. Arbiter Vildred

Arbiter Vildred has an overall rating of 9.7. Arbiter Vildred is an extremely strong character because he has a free revive that permits him to put out damage at least once. Arbiter Vildred’s first skill permits him to take down the combat readiness of 2 enemies, which is amazing.
Arbiter Vildred

#2. Seaside Bellona

With an amazing overall rating of 9.5, Seaside Bellona is a strong debuffing Hero with an innate damage transfer mechanic and the only Unbuffable and Unhealable. Apart from that, Seaside Bellona can inflict Target with her S1, making her a great option for Wyvern. Seaside Bellona is extremely effective when dealing with overly tanky and regenerating enemies.
Seaside Bellona

#3. Charles:

Charles has an overall rating of 9.4 and he deserves so. Want to know why? Well, Charles has strong synergy with assist-based heroes, which gives him a chance of an extra attack on his S1. Apart from that, Charles performs amazingly when paired with heroes who possess buffs that are different from those that he possesses.

#4. Ken

With an amazing overall rating of 9.3, Ken is an amazing character which is an ideal defence breaker. In Ken, damage dealt increases proportional to the max Health of the hero. After facing many hardships and experiencing struggles, Ken has managed to come out as a bright and optimistic character. Ken believes the only way to survive is through strength.

#5. Roana:

Roana has an overall rating of 9.3. When tested, Roana is the best unit against counter units since her S2 passive heals based on dual attacks and counter-attacks. Roana is a unique counter to any unit that gets a lot of power from counterattacks or extra attacks courtesy of her S2, Vigilant Eye. The Vigilant Eye helps her and her teammates heal and boost CR based on how many allies are hit by the attack.

Here are the best 4-star characters in Epic Seven:

In this section, all the characters included in the list have Auxiliary Lots as the top one with an overall score of 9.3.

#1. Auxiliary Lots:

With an amazing rating of 9.3, Auxiliary Lots has topped our list. Truth to be told, Auxiliary Lots is very strong in PvP Offense content and you know what, you can control its skills. The most prominent feature of Auxiliary Lots is his ability to grant an allied Hero 100 per cent Combat Readiness by using Mana Injection (S2) and increase his own by 30 per cent at the same time.
Auxiliary Lots

#2. Challenger Dominiel

This amazing character named Challenger Dominiel has an overall rating of 9.3. Challenger Dominiel’s strengths include- Increases Combat Readiness and gives Critical Hit Chance buffs to all allies while playing the game. In this, the damage increases proportionally to critical hits.
Challenger Dominiel

However, it also has drawbacks as well. Challenger Dominiel is required to increase Critical Hit Chance to fully use the hero’s skills and depend on allies to inflict critical hits to use the second skill.

#3. Assassin Cartuja

Assassin Cartuja has an overall rating of 8.9. Talking about the performance of Assassin Cartuja, it attacks with sharp claws, with a 35 percent chance to inflict bleeding for 2 turns. Apart from that, this character also boosts the Evasion Chance of all allies by 15 percent. Up to now about other features? Combat Readiness of Assassin Cartuja increases by 10 percent every time he evades the enemy’s attack.
Assassin Cartuja

#4. Angelica

Angelica has an overall rating of 8.8. Angelica comes with healing features with debuff immunity and it can heal and barrier on her 3rd skill. It also has a feature of good healing on the second skill with only a 2 turn cooldown. Angelica is one of the best PvE soul weavers available out there. You know what, Angelica has the best kit as she gives your entire team heal along with that debuff immunity for 2 turns. Apart from that, the immunity can be extended to 4 turns.

#5. Blood Blade Karin

Blood Blade Karin has an overall rating of 8.8. Game lovers know that Blood Blade Karin is a widely popular character in Epic Seven’s current meta. Want to know why? Because of her Highly offensive capacities. Blood Blade Karin does not have any disadvantage at all, however, she is a character that requires significant investment and has no utility. Blood Blade Karin has an amazing carrying capacity with her extra-turn skill, it gets after taking down the enemy.
Blood Blade KarinSO, these are the Epic Seven Tier List and which includes 5-star characters of Epic seven and 4-star characters of Epic seven.

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