Current Date:April 1, 2023
discord streamer mode

What Is The Discord Streamer Mode, And How To Use It?

Let’s get acquainted with Discord’s newest feature: streamer mode, which allows you to hide all of your personal information while showcasing your gaming prowess to your community members.

No matter how outgoing you are, you will never want your personal information revealed during a broadcast session. Because personal information is such a broad term, what exactly do we mean when we say this? Some users may abuse personal communication from a friend if it is available to all. 

A stranger may come upon the code to join your secret Discord server, for example. In the middle of the stream, notifications from the Discord client or any other personal account may appear. However, the streamer mode conceals your essential information on the fly.

What exactly is Discord streamer mode?

You might be wondering and curious about what streamer mode accomplishes in Discord. When you enable live streaming on Discord and share the screen, you share the gameplay and any notifications, pop-ups, or messages that occur on the net.

Things may get problematic for a streamer with many followers if their personal information is left unsecured in this manner. This is where the Discord streamer mode comes in, blocking all of your sensitive and personal info.

discord streamer mode not working

Discord’s newest feature safeguards your data by hiding your messages, notifications pop-ups, invite links, and even suppressing unnecessary sounds. You can change the settings in the User Settings option to secure data that might otherwise be exposed. 

How Does Discord Streamer Mode Aid Creators?

I made a list of what the streamer mode can hide for you:

  • Your identity and sensitive data: Using the streamer mode, you can conceal your identity by keeping your email address hidden. It also allows you to hide your YouTube, XBOX, and other accounts linked to your Discord.
  • Notification pop-ups: It prevents notification pop-ups from appearing on your desktop, other apps, or the Discord client itself. Such notifications expose your personal information to readers, which could be misused.
  • Invite links: When you enable the mode, Discord hides any invite links you create or receive during the live stream. If random persons gain access to the invite links, they may use the link to join your secret Discord server.
  • Muting client sounds: Discord streamer mode mutes all unwanted sounds that can disrupt and distract you from your intensive gameplay. All notification notifications and beep sound when someone leaves or joins a broadcast are muted – both on your desktop and in the Discord app.

How do I enable the streaming mode?

The procedure is straightforward. Before you may use the streamer mode, you must first sync Discord with your streaming program.

Discord Streamer Mode

  • Section 1: Connect Discord to the streaming app.

To integrate Discord with your streaming software, follow these steps:

  1. Go to User Settings after launching Discord. To do so, click the gear icon next to your profile name.
  2. What Is Discord’s Streamer Mode? How to Make Use of It
  3.  Select the streaming application you’re using; this will connect it to Discord.

discord streamer mode is enabled

  • Section 2: Turn on the streaming mode

After you’ve completed the integration, you’ll need to enable the streamer mode on Discord. Take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to User settings.
  2. Select the Connections option from the left menu.
  3. Toggle the Enable Streamer Mode switch.

discord streamer mode meaning

And now that you’ve activated streamer mode on Discord, you’re done! Cheers!

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