Current Date:April 1, 2023
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Discord Spoiler Tag And Its Usage!

Always I’m not too fond of it when a friend posts an update about what’s going to happen next Because such teasers kill the suspense. This post will show you how to deal with spoilers quickly by using the Discord spoiler tag.

Discord is a fantastic tool for making connections and sharing whatever you want, but not everything you share will be of interest to everyone. It’s better to let folks screen out messages they don’t want to view, and thankfully, Discord spoiler tags allow us to do just that.

Text Messages Can Now Have a Discord Spoiler Tag

With its updated “Mark as spoiler” option, Discord has solved the spoiler difficulties voiced by a large number of Discord users by giving a stunningly simple manner of adding spoiler tags. There are several approaches to dealing with spoilers; let’s go a little deeper and see which one is the simplest.

Mark as Spoiler

Discord has made it easier than ever to mark spoilers. Simply highlight the material you wish to hide after composing your message, right-click on the selected text, and select the “Mark as spoiler” option from the menu.

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You can also use the eye icon to label chosen text as a spoiler, which will generate a Discord spoiler tag. On either side of the selected material, there will be two vertical bars. The other users will not see this highlighted text until they click the “Reveal it” button.

Making Use of Markdown

You can also use the markdown formatting function to hide a specific piece of material in your message. Simply draw two vertical lines on each side of the text to be hidden, and the hidden phrase will be displayed with a grey or black box that hides the content.

discord spoiler

To add these lines, press the “Shift+/” key on your keyboard. These two lines ensure that the text is hidden. Only those who click on the concealed phrase will be able to see what it says.

Including /spoiler

Simply write “/spoiler” at the beginning of your message and send it; the spoiler command in Discord will add a spoiler tag to your message. The Discord server will show the message to all recipients as concealed unless they expose it themselves.

discord spoiler image mobile

Spoilers can be hidden on mobile devices.

Using your mobile phone, you may easily add a spoiler tag to your Discord messages. Simply place two vertical pipes on either side of the content you want to conceal. These vertical pipes may be found in the symbols area of the mobile keyboard.

discord spoiler text

If you have a Google or Apple keyboard on your phone, you can discover the bar by clicking twice on the symbols icon. Other keyboards may require some searching, but you will undoubtedly find them.

How Can I See Spoiler Text?

All you have to do to view a Discord spoiler text is tap on it. A grey background will be used to reveal the message.

Disable Spoiler Tags on Discord

You can disable the spoiler tag option on the Discord server for whatever reason you want—select Text & Images from the User Settings menu. In the dropdown menu, you will find three possibilities.

discord spoiler mobile

“On Click” signifies that your server’s community can expose the spoiler by clicking on it. With the “On Servers | Moderate” option, you may adjust the spoiler on all servers you run. When the “Always” option is selected, spoiler tags are not permitted on the Discord server.

Add the Discord Spoiler tag to an image/video/link.

After you’ve uploaded the attachment, check the “Mark as Spoiler” box and send it. It will be concealed beneath the Discord spoiler tags, and users will view it by tapping on it.

discord spoiler tag android

This option, however, is only available on the desktop and is not supported by mobile apps. To conceal a link, simply wrap the URL between two vertical bars, two on each side.

discord spoiler an image

That’s all there is to the spoilers tags in Discord, and you may use them to make your talks more interesting.

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