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Brain Training For Dogs Review


Dogs are a man’s true companion. According to a study, 80% of people who suffer from depression said that they feel much better after adopting a pet dog in their house. Dogs increases our love for nature and life due to their innocence and cuteness.

But adopting and taking care of any pet dog is also a big responsibility as you cannot be lazy or irresponsible with him. You need to make sure he goes out for regular walks daily, he eats food properly and he is not ill mannered.

You need to Train your pet dog in order to be properly groomed. Not only that, there are a lot of behavioral problems that dogs acquire which needs to be rectified as well. Puppy Biting and nipping or excessive barking are some examples of these behavior traits.

Thats why, i would like to review a very popular and best selling e-book called Brain Training for dogs written by Adrienne Farricelli.

Recently i was browsing some pet forums to get knowledge of how can i make my dog act politely in front of strangers and hoped on to this dog training e-book called Brain training for dogs which aimed at improving intelligence of dogs and providing strength to their brains so that they can be trained very easily.

Dogs tend to increase their intelligence by 50% when they are brain trained properly.

What is Brain Training for dogs?

The most important thing about brain training is that it is force free training and you dont need to scold or beat your dog in order to get results. Due to Force free training and positive reinforcement , dogs feel increased thinking capacity and intelligence.

I had bought this course around 2 months ago and i was lucky to get a discount as i got a secret discount coupon from Little paws training pets blog. I got my login details of the portal in my email as soon as i paid the money. Below is the homepage of the course-

As you can observe the menu bar, there are solutions provided to each and every behavioral problem that dogs face. Adrienne has also uploaded her case studies and keeps updating the portal with new studies and challenges that she faces.

Menu Bar consists of following:-

  • Dog Training and Courses
  • Puppy Training
  • Behavior Problems
  • Adrienne’s Archives
  • Case Studies
  • Forum

Who would get Benefitted by this Dog Training Course?

Dog owners like you and me who struggle to train their dogs due to hard work or lack of time will be hugely benefited. I would highly advice new dog owners or people who have puppies to spend 10-15 minutes daily on training their puppy as puppies tend to acquire these good traits easily.

But let me tell you that no training or course has the power or any magic wound that would do things automatically. They can just teach you tips and techniques to have an obedient dog but you would have to show dedication and patience in order to get one.

Brain Training for dogs also busted a myth that old dogs cant be taught new tricks as adrienne has shared her tips and experiences where she taught new tricks to elder dogs.

She is really a very nice tutor and her tips are just awesome. She has been training dogs since last 10 years and she is the biggest professional dog trainer in texas, united states.

I would highly advice you to give a try to Brain Training and adrienne as spending 47$ is nothing as compared to having a civilised and groomed doggy.

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