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Top 10 Best Voice Changer For Discord In 2023

Discord is one of the most outstanding gaming chat services available, and while there are several apps like Discord available, if you are a gamer, chances are you use Discord on a daily basis. Discord provides voice and text-based chat services, and I know many individuals who utilize Discord voice changer apps to change their voices while on Discord. Some do it for privacy concerns, while others do it for pleasure. Whatever your motivations, there is no doubting that it is a valuable tool to have in your arsenal. So, if you want to alter your voice while using Discord, here are the ten most excellent discord voice changer applications for Discord in 2023.

Voice Changer For Discord

List of the Top Voice Changer for Discord in 2023

The table of contents below is a list of all the free voice changer apps for Discord. You can get directly to the app in the article by clicking on its name. We also include a quick comparison of all the voice changer apps on this list at the conclusion for a brief review of the services featured on this list.

#1. MorphVox


MorphVox is a free audio effect tool that may alter the sound of your voice. You can make yourself sound like a man, woman, child, robot, or any other supported representative by using the built-in voices and sound effects. You can alter your voice from male to female using this voice changer discord application.

The software analyses your speech to choose the best voice alteration effects to make you seem as natural as possible. However, there are certain disadvantages to using this free programme. The first disadvantage is that it is ad-supported and only has two voice options.

The second and more severe disadvantage is that it is not as straightforward to configure for discord voice chat as some of the other voice changer applications on this list. You should only use it if you want higher sound quality and are willing to spend hours figuring out how to set it up.

Putting everything into context, MorphVox is unquestionably one of the most significant free voice changer for Discord right now.


  • There are a plethora of built-in voices and sound effects.
  • Ensures that the voice alteration effects are as practical as possible.
  • Provides the necessary customization to fine-tune your voice.


  • The installation procedure is not simple.
  • There is a learning curve involved.

Website: MorphVox

#2. Voice Changer With Effects

Voice Changer With Effects

This list is completed with the aptly named ‘Discord Voice Changer,’ which is another valuable tool for folks who use Discord on their Android phones. This software gives you access to a library of sound effects that you can use while chatting on Discord. You can use the program to change your voice to sound like an extraterrestrial, monster, toddler robot, adult robot, and other characters. You may also use this program to make yourself sound like Yoda or Robocop.

Discord Voice Changer has a nearly infinite amount of voice effects that can be applied in real-time, allowing you to change voices between Discord group talks easily. Combine it with the user-friendly UI on offer here, and you’ve got yourself a winner. It is one of the best Discord voice changer applications.


  • A massive library of voice effects
  • It is entirely free to use.
  • In real-time, apply effects.


  • The user interface appears to be outdated.
  • The Play Store does not have it.

Website: Voice Changer With Effects

#3. Voicemod


Voicemod is one of the most popular and most fantastic voice changer apps available on Discord. Not only does the service supply a plethora of various sounds, but it is also straightforward to use. Voicemod, in addition to Discord, may be used with other voice chat services such as Skype (as well as Skype replacement apps), PUBG, Fortnite, Google Chat, Mumble, and others.

Voicemod effects also sound more natural than the majority of other voice changer for discord apps I’ve used. Among my favourite voice mods are the cave, cathedral, possessed, and kong. There are hundreds of mods to select from, so download the programme and start modifying your voice. Is voicemod safe?


  • A plethora of diverse voices
  • Voicemod effects have a more natural sound.
  • Works with various voice chat systems, including Skype, PUBG, Fortnite, Google Chat, and Mumble.


  • Some effects do not function as planned.
  • Platforms that are supported: Windows


  • Free with in-app purchases.

Website: Voicemod

#4. Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice Changer

Another excellent voice changer for discord on our list is the Voxal Voice Changer, which includes a plethora of effective voice-changing options. It not only lets you record sounds in real-time, but it also lets you apply effects to previously recorded voices. You may use Discord in real-time, and there is no time delay, so you can communicate on Discord without sounding out of sync.

The program also features an extensive library of effects, including a robot, female, boy, alien, atmospheric, echo, and many more. Aside from Discord, the program supports all voice chat services such as Skype, Google Chat, and others. Overall, this is an excellent Discord voice changer tool.


  • A solid set of voice-changing features.
  • It works with all standard audio chat services, including Skype, and allows you to record your voice in real-time.

Platforms supported: 

  • Windows and macOS

Pricing is as follows:

  • free trial, $35.99

Website: Voxal

#5. RoboVox Voice Changer Pro

RoboVox Voice Changer Pro

If you’re looking for a powerful voice changer for Discord mobile, don’t pass up RoboVox Voice Changer Pro. What distinguishes this voice changer is its extensive collection of voice styles.

So, no matter what you want to show off, you can choose a suitable style that complements your avatar. I’m particularly struck by its ability to make the voice sound like it belongs to a girl or a woman. Keep an eye on it if you want to surprise your friends.

If you are dissatisfied with the given options, you can change your voice to fit your preferences. It has pitch and modulation controls that allow you to modify the sound.

The app makes use of vocoder technology to allow you to record your voice precisely. In terms of the UI, it appears to be adequate, though not intuitive. In a nutshell, it’s an excellent female/female voice changer for Discord.


  • A fantastic range of vocal styles.
  • Pitch and modulation controls
  • Advanced vocoder technology has a few drawbacks.


  • There is a learning curve involved. Platforms that were initially supported: Android


  • $1.49

Website: RoboVox

#6. Voice Changer Software for AV

Voice Changer Software for AV

AV Voice Changer Software is professional-grade voice changer software that you can use in real-time with platforms like Twitch, Twitch alternatives, and Discord to record your morphing voice and modify it in the waveform to seem more authentic. You may quickly access and adjust any aspect of your voice with the software. Many of my team are using this Voice Changer For Discord.

Your voice can be made to sound deeper, higher, younger, older, more feminine, more masculine, more robotic, or any other manner you like. The software also includes:

Advanced virtual driver technology.

Making it compatible with the vast majority of VoIP apps.

  • Role-playing games.
  • Webchat applications.

It comes in three different versions: Basics, Gold, and Diamond, from which you may choose based on your budget and requirements.


  • You can record your transformed voice and tweak it in the waveform.
  • Cutting-edge virtual driving technology
  • Compatible with the majority of VoIP systems and role-playing games


  • High price


  • A free trial is available, with an exclusive license costing $99.95.

Website: AV Voice Changer Software

#7. Effects-Enhanced Voice Changer

Effects-Enhanced Voice Changer

If you want an easy-to-use voice changer for Discord with a wealth of unique effects on Android, this one will easily match your demands. The program allows you to record your voice and apply a range of bizarre products to it. So, whether you want to sound like a monster or embrace a woman’s voice, you can accomplish it with this software.

For a more thrilling experience, the software also allows you to generate an image with a different sound and even construct a voice from the words. You can import pre-recorded sound and fine-tune it to your heart’s content, depending on your demands, and use this Voice Changer For Discord.

Once your sound is complete, you can save it to your photo library or share it with your Facebook friends. All things considered, it’s one of the huge Discord mobile voice changers.


  • It is simple to record and personalize your voice.
  • A wide range of bizarre consequences
  • Make a picture with a different sound.


  • It lacks a user-friendly UI.

Platforms supported:

  • Android


  • Free with in-app purchases.

Website: Voice Changer With Effects

#8. ClownFish


ClownFish is a free Windows voice changer that allows you to modify your voice while conversing on Discord or you can say Voice Changer For Discord. The programme can be installed at the system level, enabling you to utilize your customized voice in any application that uses your microphone. ClownFish can thus be used in apps other than Discord, such as TeamSpeak, Mumble, Steam, Skype, Google Chat, and others.

While ClownFish cannot compete with the number of voice changes supplied by software such as VoiceMod, the effects it does produce are pretty excellent. Among the products are Alien, Atari, Robot, masculine, female, baby, and radio. The app is straightforward to set up and utilize. If you’re looking for a free voice changer app for Discord, this could be it.


  • A good assortment of effects
  • Works with various programmes, including TeamSpeak, Mumble, Steam, Skype, and Google Chat.
  • It is relatively simple to set up.


  • The user interface appears to be outdated.

Platforms supported:

  • Windows


  • None.

Website: Clownfish

#9. Voicemeeter


If you have technical expertise in audio mixing, Voicemeter is possibly the most fantastic Discord voice changer tool you can download. The programme goes a step further than most other apps on this list by allowing you to design your effects that are precisely tailored to your specific needs. That’s cool.

However, as previously stated, this tool is not for novices, and it has a high learning curve that novice users will find impossible to surmount. Voicemeter, on the other hand, provides flexibility like no other software on this list for anyone with advanced expertise in audio mixing. This Voice Changer For Discord is also completely free to use, so give it a try right away.


  • Sound effects that have been customized
  • MME, DX, KS, WDM, and ASIO interfaces are all supported.
  • Aimed at advanced users yet includes all of the features you’d expect from a tool of this calibre.


  • It’s not the most user-friendly program, and it’s not advised for novices.

Platforms supported: 

  • Windows

Website: VoiceMeeter

#10. Super Voice Editor

Super Voice Editor

Voice Changer & Voice Editor is another Discord mobile voice changer app. The software includes over 20 speech effects that can be used as intended. You may even slow down or speed up the music with this software. You can also use the sliders to decrease noise in the audio recording.

A free version of the software allows you to utilize the voice effects in standard and medium quality. A premium subscription is required to use the products in high and HD quality. One part of the app that I disliked was the abundance of advertisements. The premium subscription, on the other hand, removes advertisements and unlocks extra voice-tweaking tools. One of my teammate is using this Voice Changer For Discord.


  • Sufficient effects with a simple user Sufficient results with a simple user interface


  • A plethora of advertisements
  • The premium subscription is somewhat pricey.
  • Platforms that are supported: Android


  • Free with in-app purchases.

Website: Super Voice Editor

So these are our top 10 best voice changers for discord in 2023.


Discord is one of the best applications to communicate with other gamers in one go. Sometimes some introverted gamers do not feel safe/awkward talking on discord. So considering this one fact we have managed to gather 10 voice changer for discord. Each voice changer app have their pros and cons, Jerry here has managed to mention them in the simplest way.

Hope this article – voice changer for discord helps you get the best voice changer app in no time. We have added website links in the bottom of each app for a quick way to visit and download.

Feel free to drop a comment or contact us for any queries related to Voice Changer For Discord.


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