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Best Soundboard for Discord You Can Use

Discord is one of the most well-known voice chat tools for gamers. It’s a terrific way to interact with your squad while playing games or hanging out with pals. You can make your Discord servers, add bots to them, and do various other things. You can also have some fun with some weird voice effects if you wish. To modify your voice, you’ll need a soundboard app. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, here are the 12 best Discord soundboards you can use to add effects to your voice or make your server more fun.

Best soundboards for Discord (applications)

In this article, we will go through the most excellent soundboard apps for Discord. In addition, we’ll go over how to build up a soundboard in Discord so you can get started quickly. As always, you may navigate to any section of this page by using the table of contents below.

What exactly is a Soundboard App?

First, let’s define a soundboard for Discord and why you might want to use it. Soundboard apps help make your Discord voice messages sound different from your natural voice. You may also use soundboard programmes to attach hotkeys to display effects that you commonly use, allowing you to play them when you need them quickly.

Furthermore, you may use these apps to modulate your voice or play effects on other programmes if you wish. So, the next time you’re streaming on Twitch, this may come in handy as well.

Many soundboard apps are free to use, which is excellent for most people, but there are some premium options available, which usually provide additional features. We’ve included both free and premium soundboard for Discord in this list so that you can pick one based on your needs.

List of best applications of the soundboard for Discord.

Podcast Soundboard

Podcast Soundboard may be a suitable choice for folks who prefer a more sound deck-like experience to use shortcuts and hotkeys. The programme has a simple UI and a slew of handy functions.

As the name implies, this software is not intended to be a Discord soundboard, but it does have all of the functions you require. The software supports MIDI devices, so you can use your MIDI keyboard with it if you want. It also has capabilities like loop and multi-shot, colour-coordinated sound buttons, and more. There’s also a duck button, which is essentially a programmable button that lowers the volume instantaneously. It is one of the best soundboards for Discord.

  • File formats supported include.mp3,.wav,.m4a,.webm,.ogg, and. flac.
  • Cost: $7.99
  • Windows and Mac are supported.

Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish Voice Changer is a soundboard for discord programmes you should certainly check out if you want to make your voice sound different using effects. Because this programme operates at the system level, you can use it to modify your voice in any app that accepts microphone input, including Discord.

There are a plethora of voice effects accessible here, like Darth Vader (so you may proclaim “I am your father” when you join a voice channel with your friends), alien, female, male, a baby voice, helium pitch, and more. Clownfish also includes a built-in media player with playlist and audio controls, which you may utilise in your Discord rooms with your friends. There is also a built-in text-to-speech function and hotkey support.

  • File Support: All major file formats are supported.
  • Price: Free 
  • Operating System: Windows

EXP Soundboard

You might also look into EXP soundboard, which is a simple soundboard for Discord. EXP soundboard for Discord has the majority of the functions you’d expect from a soundboard programme. It’s simple to use and includes support for custom hotkeys, allowing you to play sounds with the press of a button.

Unlike some of the more feature-rich programmes on this list, EXP Soundboard only offers playback through one of two devices: your speakers or a virtual audio connection. It also has a mic injector feature that allows your microphone to pass via the virtual audio link.

  • File Formats Accepted:.mp3,.wav
  • Price: Free 
  • Operating System: Windows


Resanance is one of the most popular and entirely free soundboards for discord apps for Discord. The programme includes a slew of essential functions, making it one of the best soundboards available. You can use hotkeys too fast to play sound effects. Furthermore, Resanance allows you to use a button deck instead of hotkeys.


Resanance can output audio to several devices at the same time, and it even allows you to change the level for each device independently.


Mixere was a live performance mixer in the past, just as Jingle Palette was initially meant for radio stations. However, it includes a slew of features that make it ideal for use as a soundboard for Discord. The programme supports an unlimited number of tracks and allows you to play multiple channels simultaneously.

Mixere, on the other hand, isn’t a good fit for folks searching for a simple soundboard tool for Discord. The user interface is rather sophisticated, and features like hotkeys are not supported. I would only recommend Mixere to folks who want to use powerful software to sort of play live or DJ on their Discord server.

  • File Format Support: The majority of audio formats are supported.
  • Price: Free 
  • Operating System: Windows

JN Soundboard

If you want a feature-rich programme or are lovers of free and open-source software (FOSS), you should try out the JN Soundboard app. This software includes a slew of functionality, including the ability to create, change, and delete custom hotkeys. Furthermore, you can make hotkeys only operate while a specific programme is in the foreground.


The software allows audio playing from any sound device and microphone loopback, among other features. You can also assign multiple sounds to a single hotkey, and JN Soundboard will play a random sound when you press the hotkey. JN Soundboard additionally has an auto-pressing ‘push to talk’ key when playing a sound, the ability to export and import hotkeys through XML files, and text-to-speech functionality.

  • File Formats Supported:.mp3,.wav,.wma,.m4a,.ac3 
  • Price: Free
  • Platform: Windows


Soundpad is worth a look if you’re willing to spend some money. This programme is more than just a Discord soundboard; it also functions as a sound recorder and editor, giving you additional options.

Soundpad, like Resanance, allows you to assign hotkeys. Soundpad, on the other hand, has several outstanding features that Resanance does not have. For starters, the programme enables normalisation, which ensures that all sounds are played at the same loudness. You also gain support for mic toggling, sound recording, and sound lists, which allow you to define a list of sounds to play.

soundboard for discord

It’s worth noting that Soundpad’s concept of a sound deck is sound lists. If you want an exemplary deck implementation, Resanance is probably a better choice. However, give Soundpad’s challenging lists a try as well. You do, after all, get a free demo.

  • File Formats Supported:.aac,.flac,.m4a,.mp3,.ogg,.opus,.wav,.wma
  • The cost is $4.99.
  • Windows is the platform.

AV Voice Changer

AV Voice Changer is a powerful tool that may be used as a Discord soundboard. It enables you to modify and change almost any aspect or characteristic of voices. As a result, it’s a potent tool for voice editing and making your Discord voice sound exactly how you want it to.

AV Voice Changer includes a soundboard and a voice recorder, voice editor, voice Morpher, and even a file Morpher. So, if you’ve been thinking about doing voices for a project you’re working on, AV Voice Changer can come in helpful.

Furthermore, AV Voice Changer is rather pricey, so if you’re searching for a good Discord soundboard and the rest of these things aren’t that important to you, you might want to look at anything else on this list.

  • File Support: Most audio formats are supported.
  • The cost is $99.95.
  • Windows is the platform.

Voicemod – Best Modern Discord Soundboard

Voicemod is another excellent Discord soundboard that is especially useful for folks who prefer to have a constantly updated selection of sounds for their Discord servers. Not only does Voicemod include a plethora of sound effects for you to experiment with, but it also updates the sound effects gallery once a month. As a result, you’ll constantly have new sounds to utilise on your Discord channel.


Aside from that, Voicemod allows you to blend preset and custom soundboard options if that’s your thing. You also receive hotkey support and interaction with the Elgato Stream Deck, so Voicemod can automatically integrate with your Elgato devices if you’re a streamer. Voicemod is extremely useful for role-playing games because it allows you to make your voice sound like your playing character.

  • File Formats Accepted:.mp3,.wav
  • Free of charge
  • Windows and Mac are supported (coming soon)

Morphvox Pro – Paid But Powerful Discord Soundboard App

Morphvox Pro, another paid app, is also significantly more expensive than the majority of the other apps on this list (excluding AV Voice Changer). However, it has several handy features that make it a fantastic soundboard for discord software.

Morphvox Pro has a vast library of sound effects and free voices for usage in Discord. It also has a feature that allows you to create background voices or noises while talking. That can come in handy when you need to persuade your buddies that someone has summoned you.

The software is entirely tailored for gaming, which is a great advantage, and it also includes digital and intelligent noise reduction settings for cutting-edge noise reduction.

  • File formats supported include.wav,.mp3,.ogg, and.wma.
  • The cost is $39.99.
  • Windows and Mac are supported.

Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice Changer is a feature-rich voice changer tool you may use to have fun with your Discord friends. It includes a decent voice effects collection, including the typical suspects – robot voice, female voice, boy voice, and a lot more. The wonderful thing about Voxal is that you can apply these effects to existing files as well as to your agent in real-time via the mic. If you want more control, you can even design unique sound effects.


Voxal Voice Changer, like Clownfish, works on a system level so that you can use it with almost any app on your computer. Furthermore, because of its minimal CPU utilisation, Voxal developers believe that there would be no dip in frame rates while gaming, which is a big plus.

The software is free to use for non-commercial reasons, but you must acquire a licence if you wish to use it for anything other than personal work.

  • File formats supported include.mp3,.m4a,.wav,.wma,.aac.flac, and.ogg.
  • Price: Non-commercial use is free.
  • Windows and Mac are supported.

Jingle Palette

Jingle Palette has initially been intended to be used in radio stations to play jingles (thus the name), but it is now also helpful as a soundboard for Discord. The software, as the name implies, lets you load up a variety of sounds and sound effects on screen (up to 30 in each palette) and play them with a single click.

Jingle Palette also supports manual and automatic mixing, as well as autorepeat and touch play capability. If you want, you can also change the volume and loop parameters for each sound individually.

  • File formats supported include.mp3,.mp2,.mp1,.mpa,.ogg, and.wav.
  • Free of charge
  • Windows is the platform.

How to Set Up Soundboard in Discord?

Now that we’ve covered the finest Discord soundboard apps let’s look at how to set up soundboards in Discord. Here are the steps you must take to get your soundboard app up and running on your server.

  • To begin, you must instal a virtual audio device, such as a VB cable. After that, launch the app and go to the next stage.
  • Note- It’s worth noting that apps like Resanance and Soundpad incorporate VB-cable in their installations. You do not need to instal VB-cable individually if you are using Resanance or Soundpad.
  • Open Discord and navigate to User Settings by clicking on the “cog” icon next to your name in the bottom left corner.
  • Navigate to “Voice and Video” in the Settings menu.
  • Then, from the “Input Device” drop-down option, pick “Cable Output.”
  • Now, go to your PC’s settings and select “System.”
  • Click on “Sound” and then “Microphone” as your input device. Now, select “Device Properties.”
  • Select “Additional device properties.”
  • Enable the “Listen to this device” checkbox in the pop-up window, and then select “Cable Input” from the dropdown menu for “Playback through this device.”
  • That’s all; your Discord soundboard app is now ready to use. Have a good time!

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