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Beautiful Rainmeter Skins You Must Consider

The Windows operating system is one of the favourites among the people who work on a laptop or a desktop. But the one thing that makes it awesome is, the customizing features and options it offers. But most of the customizing features are the changing wallpapers and many official third-party custom themes. But thanks to Rainmeter skins which have a wide range of customized skins. Rainmeter offers premium-looking skins which can transform your desktop into something very new and exciting. The wide range of skins is designed keeping in mind the interest of the user. Not only the skins are good-looking and gorgeous but they are also very easy to use. There are many programs that let you customize your windows, but the most popular among them is Rainmeter. Not only this, Rainmeter is free for all, so anyone who likes to make his/her desktop look classier and more premium, he/she should consider Rainmeter.

It also offers you custom widgets that include, clock, network statistics, processor usage, date & time, and many more. It also provides custom taskbars, which are very easy to access and use. But to get this awesome stuff, you have to install Rainmeter in your Windows Pc. And guess what, it is compatible with all Windows versions, from Windows XP to Windows 10. This was a short brief about Rainmeter, now let’s jump on the more exciting stuff, the best Rainmeter skins:


Mond is one of my favourite Rainmeter skins because it fits perfectly with the wallpapers. It sits perfectly with every wallpaper and makes it look more premium. Not only this Mond skin is highly customizable and allows you to add widgets according to your wish on your desktop. But do remember that Spotify integration will not work out of the box. For that, you will need a separate plugin.


Concluding all the facts, Mond is light, minimalistic, and doesn’t lags or slow down your pc and the background processes. To get more exciting stuff, check out the “Rainmeter Reddit”.


This is another Rainmeter’s awesome skin. It is much simpler and easier to use. It has a top bar widget that has customizable hyperlinks. It also has a Spotify visualizer, with date and time. This skin is very responsive and allows you to switch to any website within seconds. Isn’t it a great feature? This is not all, you can also hide the taskbar to add more widgets according to your convenience.


This skin is highly recommended for people who like to keep things simple and precise.


Another cool Rainmeter skin provides your laptop with a realistic and material look. Moreover, this skin comes with a cool music player, date, time, weather widget, and a running widget with motivational quotes. This also provides you a dock similar to macOS and the fun fact is, it is completely customizable.


The interesting thing is it does not slow down your pc or laptop. To get a classier look check out Rainmeter Clocks for the good-looking clocks.


The Moderate skin is very similar to the Android user interface. So, people who love the android interfaces should consider this skin. It offers you a launcher, quick setting toggles, music controls, and many other things available on the home screen itself. People who have a touchscreen laptop should use this skin and enjoy it. So, if you wish to make your desktop look more like the mobile interface, try Moderate skin.


The Gemini Suite:

This Rainmeter skin is a simple-looking skin that has a CPU, RAM, storage widget with date and time. This skin offers you to add games and apps on the left widget. Moreover, you can add your Steam account to instantly open and launch games. Not only this it also has the Xbox Game Bar, and you can launch the games with just a click. This skin is highly recommended for gamers and people who like to keep a track of their PC’s performance.

Gemini Suite


This Rainmeter skin provides the user with a glimpse of nature and gives you a feeling of home. The green accents on the weather, clock and CPU stats really connect you with nature. The transparent taskbar enhances the feeling of the skin without getting noticed enhances the look and the feel. The skin is still developing and the user can aspect new updates and features. Nature-lovers should consider this. And for more customizable weather widgets do visit Reddit Weather for exciting weather widgets.


Iron Man – Jarvis:

Jarvis is one of the most hi-tech powered computers, and you can also get it from Rainmeter. This skin is highly customizable and has multiple modules that can be modified, adjusted, and re-positioned accordingly. The best thing about it is you don’t have to be Tony Stark or to pay a high amount to make your desktop look like Jarvis.


The information display includes all the high-tech-looking stuff like clock, date & time, hard disk capacity, temperature details, RSS feeds, and the shortcuts that will take you to your desired folder in seconds. To add more features and options consider going to Rainmeter downloads and enjoy.

Avenger SHIELD OS:

This is a Rainmeter skin that offers handy shortcuts to go to the desired destination within seconds. It makes you feel like you yourself are Nick Fury. This skin is available in multiple resolutions. The other features include media playback, volume control, RAM & CPU usage display, shutdown & restart button, and the attraction of the S.H.I.E.L.D Eagle tag. So, Avengers fans, don’t wait and get this extraordinary skin from Rainmeter.

Avengers SHIELD OS

Senja Suit:

If you like to be simple with style, then there is no argument that you will not love Senja Suit. This Rainmeter skin keeps things minimalistic and basic according to the user. The simple things work extremely well without making a mess. The display includes time, a user profile button with an expandable bar for system folders shortcuts, a slideshow of your favourite photos, media information with control buttons with the important buttons shutdown/restart/log off.

Senja Suit:


As the name suggests, there will be something that is unexpected in a positive way. This Rainmeter skin is very different from the others. This Rainmeter skin offers disk partition shortcuts, Power status, Network upload/download, system time, and date. The people who love geeky things should consider this.

Eker Lina:

Eker Lina, the beauty spills out of the name itself. The beautiful Rainmeter skin offers numerous sub-modules that look like small widgets, each having a consistent design. Not only this the sub-elements can be arranged according to the user’s comfort and ease.

Eker Lina

Eker Lina also displays a lot of information like media control, system folder and drive shortcuts, RSS feed, date & time, with the weather widget.


Who in the world doesn’t like Spiderman? Well, if you love him so much, then go and check out the Rainmeter Spiderman skin. This skin offers the user Spiderman–inspired icons to your desktop which sits perfectly with its wallpaper. All the important stats include download & upload speed, disk information with memory information.

Before Dawn:

This Rainmeter skin is just stunning. All you have to do is just run it and enjoy it. The information bar displays date and time, shortcuts to frequently access websites and programs, current location, and temperature with RSS feed.


When you want your desktop to be free but still look nice, you must use the MNML UI skin by Rainmeter. Not everyone wants widgets on their screen. So, if you want clean and basic skin with no distractions, MNML is the best choice for you. It offers a pleasant modern clock, date widget that elevates your desktop experience.


Big Sur:

If you are a macOS fan but use windows, we have got the right skin for you called “Big Sur”. It includes widgets like music player, system, calendar, clock, to-do list, volume & brightness toggles, weather, and more. Not only this the updated user gets all the updates as this skin provides you with the latest news articles.

T-R-A-N-S-F-O-R-M-X Mod:

Get ready to jump into the 2010’s digital era. This Rainmeter skin will take you back to the 2010s when JetAudio took over your Windows desktop. This Rainmeter skin is very classy and looks exactly like the initial digital dials. This gives you a nostalgic feeling and with that, it offers you CPU, RAM, SWAP, location, and weather information on your desktop.

T-R-A-N-S-F-O-R-M-X Mod

The 3d icons for power and program are at the bottom right. This is not the end, the visualizer-like background takes you to the digital era.


Named as Rainmeter’s default skin of 2009, Enigma is one of the most downloaded skins. Enigma shows every piece of system information you want and need. All its submodules are highly customizable and can be rearranged accordingly. Some other stuff like World time and weather, media playback status, multiple RSS feeds, picture slideshow, CPU and RAM usage, quick notes, real-time, active processes, and much more.



This Rainmeter skin offers you transparency and a frosted glass effect. This skin sits perfectly with muted and minimal wallpapers. All of the skins have consistent look and can be rearranged to suit the desktop. It displays date & time, RSS feed, network status, unread email count, CPU/RAM usage, and temperature with the three-day forecast.



Wisps is a very different skin, it has no boundaries, and they appear as written or directly drawn directly on the desktop background. With the perfect wallpaper, Wisp will give you a limitless experience. It offers temperature, CPU and RAM usage and network bandwidth consumption, and much more.


Simple Media:

The most basic and simple skin you can get on Rainmeter. Despite being simple and basic it displays essential information displaying sub-modules, simple media, and all the other stuff that makes this skin great despite being simple and basic.


If you want to cross your limit with the skin, Lim!t is the best offered by Rainmeter. The big clean fonts, a ton of information, textual content based on the information you need. The information includes date & time, CPU/RAM usage, current media playback status with weather statistics.


If you can’t get enough from the game, Rainmeter can give you the experience of setting up your desktop as Cyberpunk 2077. This new and latest Cyberpunk 2077 includes desktop essential shortcuts for quick access, CPU info, download, and upload speed with system information.


Circle Launcher:

The circle is a pretty shape when it comes to an icon. The Circle Launcher skin by Rainmeter allows you to customize the icons from a basic square shape to a circle shape. The icon turns white when clicked to launch the games and apps. This skin offers you 150 icons from its unique collection.

Circle Launcher

Elegance 2:

Another skin that offers minimalism is the Elegance 2. It is extremely lightweight and gives you a light and lovely feeling when using it. The skin blends perfectly with light tone wallpapers. This displays information that includes date & time, CPU and RAM usage stats, media playback control, and much more.

Elegance 2

It also displays information about recycle bin items.

Minimalist 2:

If your interest has moved on from the old Windows, then take your interest to the Minimalist 2 by Rainmeter. It is its name and gives you the power to track multiple features which include battery percentage, storage, CPU and RAM usage, and shortcuts to folders on the right-hand side of the desktop. With that, you can also add weather, time, and date widgets and can change the weather according to your wish.

Minimalist 2

Make Your Desktop The Best With Rainmeter Skins:

Today, almost all the work is done on computers and laptops. And to give it your personal touch, you try to include and change things according to your wish. But this is not as easy a job as it looks. There is a number of sites and apps that offer skins and themes for the desktop. But how well do you know about them? Most of them are highly paid and the ones which are free, slow down your laptops and Pcs. So, to the best of what you want, try out the best range of skins by Rainmeter.

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