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Safe Roms Download Sites

22 Best and Safe Roms Download Sites in 2022

There was once a time where video games were played on Computers without the internet. Ever had the urge to play those games again in your system but were scared to download it from the internet? We at TechiePlus aim to provide you with the best of the tech world. From tips and tricks to improve your online life, to how-to guides and tutorials for the complex of problems that can arise with today’s advanced Operating Systems. We have it all. Now that you know where to look if you ever face an online question, you know where to look. Well, here are 22 best and safest ROMs Download sites you can visit to download your favorite video game and play in 2022!

1. Gamulator:

It has the biggest ROM collection of all time compared to other sites. The website is also very popular in the gaming circle with a huge collection of games along with emulators.

2. Retrostic:

Known for its safest ways of downloading files directly to avoid virus attacks on your computer. The downloads are smooth and are free from all sorts of viruses. Emulators are available as well.

3. ROM Hustler:

In ROM Hustler, many collections are found directly on the homepage making it easy to find with the console included. The ROMs can be downloaded infection-free on the computer and mobile; however, the website is not updated much in recent times.


The additional benefit of Dope ROMs is that it provides access to reinforcements in computers and mobiles. One of the safest sites to play any game you like that also provides the option to choose from your favorite list of games.

5. ROMsmania:

The website is known for its safe room downloads with thousands of emulators and ROMs to download. You can download and enjoy a wide range of collections as it does not entertain your screen with ads and banners.

6. Emuparadise:

Emuparadise is one of the biggest and oldest ROM sites that contains games from Rome. All the current ROMs are updated here. The site also has music, movies, emulators, and much more to offer.


You can download the current ROMs and can also learn about different games in them. The website comprises ROMs, Emulators, games. One of the few unique websites that provide screenshots of the game’s walkthrough.

8. Vimm’s Lair:

Established in 1997, Vimm’s Lair marks one of the most popular and safest ROM downloading websites in the gaming circle. With some legendary emulators and vast games, the website has stood popular in the gaming circle.

9. ROM’s World:

As the name suggests, the website is known for its emulators in the ROM world. If you want to enjoy your most loved game, then this is your site. The website does not show any annoying ads and misleading links.

10. Romspedia:

One of the finest sites that can be found free from viruses and are considered safe to use. The Romspedia website provides ROM files for both iOS and Android devices. Easy to access files that are available on the website. These files are for both iOS and Android devices. Easy to access files that are available on the website.

11. Emulator Zone:

The website is known for Nintendo lovers and Play station games. One of the best ROM sites for downloading Nintendo games and Xbox ROMs. It has been acclaimed and highly reviewed by different gaming circles for its safety and easy

navigation and not to forget the downloads.

12. CDRomance:

CDRomance is another safest site you can find that is filled with thousands of choices. It has some of the original artwork games. It consists of few screenshots which can be referred to before downloading.

13. WoWroms:

Credible for being convenient and easy to use, this website can be one of the decent choices to download games. It consists of more than 30 emulators and can work on older computers.

14. Nicoblog:

One of the highly-rated downloading websites with abundant ROMs. Provides full ROM sets and can run different types of games. It saves time in finding the right ROM for every game that you wish to play.

15. ROMs Mode:

By covering various console games, it is one of the leading sites with thousands of ROMs. Educates you on how to play games on different computers and smartphones.

16. Nitro Blog:

It is different from other sites as it has a blog site that provides you with ROMs from various other popular consoles. Although it provides no content, it offers download links with fast services with a good reputation.

17. ROMS Universe:

One of the best places to find almost all classic games from the past. Some of the most popular video games with an array of emulators and ROMs can be found on this website.

18. Old Computer ROMs:

Another website that gives you a vast collection of good ROMs. It provides an opportunity to play backups online where you can play the backups on a computer or in mobiles.

19. ROMNation:

The website is also designed for smartphones, where you can play your favorite games on your phone anytime. Unlike other ROM sites require you to sign up, which will save you from unwanted ads and banners.

20. Royal ROMs:

A dedicated site for downloading safe ROMs. The website displays top trending games and downloaded ROMS.

21. Classic Games. me:

Most of the nonexistent and rare games can be found here. Some of these games can be played using the internet on their website and can be downloaded as well.

22. The ROM Depot:

The best and safest ROM sites you’ll find. The ROM Depot entertains no ads, no banners, no pop-ups and prohibits links and malicious sites. Many manuals can be found of various games that will guide you to victory.

I hope the above-mentioned information was useful for you. Go and relive your childhood by downloading your favorite game from one of these websites, and enjoy!


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