Siri Alternatives For Android – 2016 (Top & Best)


Now seriously I don’t think so that I need to introduce Siri. Siri is just too popular personal assistant which comes in apple iPhone. It needs no introduction. I love Siri. She is smarter then me. Siri is cool. She knows answers to most of my questions. She can solve maths problems faster then me. You all know about Siri and have seen what Siri can do that’s why you are here. You came here searching for siri alternatives for android.
Even though I don’t own an iPhone but everytime I grab iPhone of my friend’s, I open up Siri to ask silly questions and get silly replies. I can play with her all day long. She can easily set up reminders, set alarms, send text messages, dial a call, grab information, ope an app and much more. You want to experience all this on your android phone? Yes you can easily. There are various apps available in Google Play Store. To make things easy for you, I have made a list of best personal assistant like siri.

Best Siri Alternatives For Android.

1. Cortana.

cortanaThis is one of the best Siri alternative for android. This is the assistant that dares to compete Siri. Cortana is much better then stock personal assistant of samsung devices i.e. S Voice. Cortana is a personal assistant which was designed for window devices. But few months back, Microsoft released it for Android OS. You can easily call people, send text, email, open apps, see weather, set alarm and reminder and much more  just using your voice. You can also ask cortana to tell you jokes.Download web browser from playstore

2. Google Now.

google nowYeah another brilliant Google product is here. Google Now is pretty amazing personal assistant for android phones. It is undisputed champion in the list. You can literally do anything with google now what you could have done with Siri. Google provides updates for this app regularly which makes it most stable and bug less app in the list. If installed with Google Now Launcher, it makes your phone amazingly smart.Download web browser from playstore

3. Hound.

houndHound personal assistant is a pretty decent one developed by soundhound. It is pretty fast and quite impressive. Other then basic features such as dialling a contact, getting directions on map, send text message, open apps, setting up alarms and reminders, it got much more under the hood. It has a mortgage calculator, integrated hotel booking app, and soundhound now which is a sing music search. User can play interactive games like hangman.Download web browser from playstore

4. AIVC.

aivcAIVC is a pretty standard personal assistant and best choice in all siri alternatives for android. It has the capability for performing simple tasks such as telling weather, tell time, set alarms and reminders, start various apps. It can even solve simple maths problems. You can also ask fun facts about various things. It can easily call anyone from your contacts, send text messages, navigation, and do translation. It is not as good as Google Now or Cortana but it’s not a bad option if you want to start with something simple.Download web browser from playstore

5. Dragon Mobile Assistant.

dragon personal assistantDragon mobile assistant is brought to us by the same company which developed Swype keyboard. It comes with basic functions and features. The thing which caught my attention is attentive mode which allows it to be unlocked even if phone is locked and screen is off. This makes Dragon Mobile Assistant one of the few personal assistants that offer this feature. You can select from various voices and even rename your assistant if you want to.Download web browser from playstoreMust Check:- Question To Ask Siri

6. Assistant.

assistantAssistant is one of the best in all siri alternatives for android. Assistant proved to be quite impressive personal assistant. It has a wide range o features and commands that we can give it. Some of the features are calling contacts, sending messages, starting up apps, navigation, media, horoscope, news, notifications and much more. There is support for jokes and talks which makes it bit alive.Download web browser from playstore

7. Indigo Virtual Assistant.

indigoIndigo Virtual Assistant focuses more on personality. It all users to have a conversation with nit like users would do with normal people. You can do the basics including sending SMS, calling, emails, navigation, and the usual stuff. You can also save the favourites so you can repeat them later. It translates stuff very quickly. Indigo Virtual Assistant developers admit that speech recoginition of their app is in beta mode so there are more chances of an error occuring.Download web browser from playstore

8. Jarvis.

jarvisJarvis gained popularity much faster then any other assistant because of it’s name. As most of you may know Jarvis is the name of character of Iron Man movie series. Along with basics, Jarvis comes with a widget support. It can change wallapers, control device settings such as turn on/off bluetooth, reminders,etc. It’s one of the personal assistants that can be used on wearables, such as Android Wear. It only supports English till date.Download web browser from playstore

9. Robin.

robinRobin was one of the original “Siri challengers” and, as such, as been around for quite some time. Despite that, the developer still proclaim Robin as a beta application which means they definitely want everything to be just right before release. It supports the basic commands such as calling and sending SMS and it can also respond to gestures, find out about parking and traffic alerts, gas prices, and more. It still needs some work but it’s a pretty decent option and should become a lot better over the long term.Download web browser from playstore

10. Skyvi.

skyviSkyvi is another personal assistant app that’s been around since the first wave of “Siri competitors” came out on Android. Aside from t he basics, Skyvi can do things like send stuff on Twitter and Facebook for quick updates, look up various fun facts, and it can even tell jokes. Admittedly, Skyvi is one of the more simple options much like AIVC so if you’re looking for something complicated, integrated, and complex, then Skyvi won’t do it for you. That said, it does perform its features well and it’s a good option for those who want a lighter touch.Download Now to disable wifi usersThese are best siri alternatives for android device. In case we missed any app please let us know.