How To Root Android Phone – 2016


Ability to Root Android phones is the probably the best part of android experience. Because android is an open source operating system, you can  Root Android Phone without any technical knowledge by following simple guides. Rooting is not a universal process because there are various types of brands of smartphones available in the market. So there may be a different procedure for rooting a particular Android phone. If you have a deep knowledge of an android system then you may be know how many cool things you can do on your Rooted Android Phone as compare to unrooted android phone. There is no doubt you can also do a lot of cool stuff on your unrooted android phone but sure this is not enough for a tech savvy user because there are lot of changes which you can only done with your rooted android phone. But if you don’t know How To Root An Android Phone then don’t worry in this article we will explain you in proper How To Root Android Phone.

What Does Root Android Phone Mean ?

There many people who don’t have strong technical knowledge and don’t know “How To Root Android Phone”. But firstly let us explain “What Rooting is”. So rooting is a process through which you can unlock your android operating system to its full potetntial. You will access all the administrative privileges of you android phone with rooting. But there is another question that arises “Why Root Android Phone”. Because there many apps which require some administrative privileges so with  unrooted android phone you cannot install these apps on your phone. These apps are very beneficial to get your android phone on next higher level of features and customization beyond limits. With rooted phone you can change system settings and many other things which we will explain later.

Requirements For Rooting Android Phone.

  1. Unrooted Android smartphone.
  2. A USB cable.
  3. Computer/Laptop
  4. And a software Kingo Android Root.

Unlock Android Bootloader.

Before rooting your android phone first you have to unlock the Bootloader of your android phone or tablet. Because it is a program that run applications on the android phone/tablet after the start-up process. When you unlock your phone’s Bootloader you will be able to customize your android phone’s core softwares. Some manufacturers now allow their users to do this but you have to register your account first. Below are the official programs from

  • HTC
  • Sony
  • Motorola

But if you have an another device not from the above manufacturer then don’t worry. You just have to go on XDA Developers website and in the XDA Developer’s Forum search and find your device unlock bootloader method because on this forum you can find every term related Android phone of any brand like Samsung, Sony , nexus etc.

How To  Root Android Phone. ?

Know here we go to explain you how you can root your android phone or tablet. Kingo Android Root is third party software and a trusted one through which we can Root our android phone. Almost it works on all android phones but  you can Check the Compatibility List before proceeding the further steps. Know just follow the given steps and you will easily root your android phone/tablet.

  1. First you have to download the Kingo Android Root software on you PC or Laptop. Then install the software and follow the next step.
  2. Secondly you have to activate the USB Debugging from your android phone. Simply go to settings>> About Phone>> Developer Option and then tick on it.

USB Debbuging

  1. After the above steps connect your Android Phone with PC/Laptop via USB cable.
  2. The Kingo Android Root software will detect your phone and then click on the “Root” button and  sit back after few minutes it will automatically root your android phone. That’s it know you can enjoy your rooted android  phone and you can do various customization according to your Taste.
    kingo android root software

Note:- As I said in the starting Rooting is not a universal process because there are various different devices in the market so it is not only one method that works on all devices . The above method may not work on some devices but there are most famous forums on the internet where every method is given relating android phone and also given different methods of every device to How To Root Android Phone or Tablet. So you should check the given forums:-

Advantages of Rooting Android.

Change Custom ROM.

There are two types of ROM the inbuilt ROM is called the stock ROM and the other one is custom ROM standalone which includes with services, apps, kernel and everything you operate on your device. There are number of ROM are available in the play store you can download the best one  like Cynogenmod because it is  best and stable  and can change your mobile’s custom ROM. By doing this you can increase your mobile’s processing speed and customize many other things on you rooted android phone.

Also Check:- Custom Roms For Android.

Remove System Apps.

As we all know the android phones are come with some internal apps which are not useful for us and we cannot remove these apps. It also covers the extra memory of the phone. But after rooting your android phone you can delete or remove all the system apps which are not in use and free your mobile phone memory and increase the performance of your mobile phone.

Run *ROOT* Applications.

Once you have rooted your device, you can now install and use certain android apps that require root privileges. These apps have great functionality and can work on system level on your rooted phone.

Improve Battery Life.

From the many advantages the most beneficial advantage is you can improve your battery life with the help of root you android phone.  Just like you can customize your android phone, the system files, core settings and many other things you can do as well as you can also customize your mobile phone kernel. Because there many kernel which consume less battery as compare to Stock kernal and can be more optimised..

Overclock The CPU.

After rooting android phone there are lots of things which you can done with your android phone because you will get all privileges to change any settings of your phone. So there are many apps in the play store which helps you to system settings on your rooted android phone. Like you can overclock or speed up your CPU performance by installing the  CPU boosters.

Disadvantages of Rooting Android Phone.

Chance of Bricked Device.

While rooting your android phone you should follow the steps very carefully because if you do any step wrong then may lead your phone to a bricked state. It may then require authorized service repair and even hardware component changes. This may cost you a lot of money.

Void Phone Warranty.

The other disadvantage is you will void your phone’s warranty after rooting. manufacturers deny all warranty claims for a rooted Android phone. Make sure you check with the warrenty policy of your manufacturer or  root your android after the warranty period is over.

Hence, decide very thoughtfully if you want to root your android phone or not, as there are both advantages as well as disadvantages to the process. For any help or assistance, feel free to write to us in comments below.