How To Hide IP Address In Windows/Mac PC (4 Ways)


An IP Address is an Internet Protocol Address assigned to your computer or network router by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Whenever you visit any Web Site or other servers on the internet your IP address noted or recorded in the log files or kept on those servers. So it leaves behind the trails of access log of your internet activity. But if you hide IP Address , these servers or sites cannot trace your location or your identity will be hide from the internet. The internet is full with the scammers, spammers and hackers. They can easily trace your online activities and steal your personal information by breaching your security. On the other side your ISP internet service provider always spies on you. They track, monitor and keep all your web activities. If you are bothered by of all these activities then you can read this article on How To Hide IP Address In Windows & MAC. So you can surf on internet anonymously and no one can trace you or spy on you.

Why We Need To Hide IP Address In Windows Or MAC ?

There are many intruders or hackers on the internet who are watching continuously on the activities of the users. They can trace your location or monitor your activities so they can breach your security. But if you hide your IP Address then you cannot be trace by these intruders. So whenever you want to open any unwanted site or link, you should first hide your IP Address then proceed further. It is not mandatory to hide your IP but It prevents you from being tracked by web sites or helps you hide your geographical location.

How To Hide IP Address In Windows PC.

1. Web Based Proxy Servers.

Web Based proxies are the best and easiest way through which you can hide your IP Address. There are many Web Proxy sites just go to sites and search whatever you want it will hide your original IP Address and let you surf on internet through their own server. So this is How You Can Hide Your IP Address and can surf anonymously on the internet. We have also listed Best free server sites. There are some Web Based Proxy sites are.


2. Use VPN (Virtual Private network) Extension & Software.

Virtual Private Network are the another best way to hide your IP Address. If you are at workplace, school or college simple set up new virtual private network like Ultra Surf is the best VPN extension you can use on mozilla as well as on chrome browser simple install the extension on your browser or it will hide your IP Address or change your location so you can surf anonymously on the Internet. It will also help you to open blocked sites on your school or college.

3. Use IP Address Hiding Desktop Software.

The other simple method is use IP Address Hide software. you can search on Google there are many best software are listed on internet which help you to hide your IP Address. These software hide your IP Address automatically and do not have to do anything other just download and install in your PC/Laptop and surf internet anonymously on the web. This will totally hide you IP address from the web and no one can trace your location or monitor you.

4. Change IP Address Manually.

You can change your IP Address manually in your browser and surfing on internet anonymously. There are many sites provide new fresh proxies just pick one of them and change in your browser settings. If you don’t know how to do this then Check How To Change IP Address In Browser.

In conclusion, We hope these 4 different method to Hide IP Address in windows and MAC will be helpful for you. If you know any other method to hide IP address on PC then please share it with us in comments.